Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Never fails.....

So "Baby Girl Muffin" is not here yet...she is "stubborn" she'll make her entrance when she wants!! Everyone says shes perfect for me & Jayy that a compliment or? Oh well it is what is it is huh!!
The past few weeks have been crazy..despite Baby coming the Holidays, work, church, family visiting, bills and the list goes on and on. I've pretty much avoided a few IMPORTANT things just now wanting to deal with them. Yea I know that doesn't help any BUT what we did while avoiding somethings me & Jayy have focused a lot on the New Year coming, and our little new addition and what that means. We have been praying a lot more, talking a lot more about LIFE and goals we want to set and accomplish. During all this I've been able to deal with all the other stuff I have pushed aside and as usual.....all that I had been putting off because of one thing or another "NEVER FAILS" my Father in Heaven as he usually does PULLS it all through!! I may not be his most obedient daughter but I know that when ever I'm in NEED he never fails me!!

Monday, December 28, 2009


Wow its Dec. 28th the first date we were given about Baby Girl "Muffin" no sign of her yet!! So many different feelings, thoughts, emotions are going on its pretty crazy!! Among it all.....I can't explain how blessed Im feeling..we'll let me correct how BLESSED WE BOTH are feeling. For one to have such a UNCONDITIONAL LOVING and MINDFUL Father in Heaven to bless us with this opportunity to be parents to this lil momma...and of course how blessed we are to have loving siblings like Paseni & his beautiful wifey Ita to give so freely one of there blessings to bless us!! Gosh the due date for her seemed so far away and now its HERE.. yea we do have till now and Jan 3rd but its the waiting making me....N E R V O U S!! I could go on and on about the things that I think about...the feelings I'm feeling....the excitement in my much and so hard to put down into words. I think one of the cutest things is the asking from my Dad every morning it seems. G-Pa says he's ready for a lil granddaughter his lil grandsons are too much lol. I think the BEST though is my husband....I know he's really excited yet really nervous he knows with the baby comes a lot of expectations for him let alone my expectations..its now another lil lady that's going to rely on him!!

I've been meaning to blog about this but never got around to it but I think now will be a good time since i'm logged and blogging!! So last week Tues. me & Jayy flew out to Long Beach to take my Aunty Pou and it was so much fun...we stayed over night and flew back Weds morning. That whole trip we were like lil kids roaming the foreign streets on Pacific Ocean Ave. by our Hotel visiting random stores..even stopped at a hole in the wall bar to watch the BYU game yea...poor people were probably wondering what we were doing!! Anyhow when we flew back i came straight into work. When i got in my sup asked how i was doing and if i was excited cause "Baby Girl" was coming soon, and we got to talking about everything the changes and so on, and during the chit chat she told me to read this blog of another co-worker and when I read it to remember how blessed i am even when it gets to those sleepless nights or stinky diapers just to remember what a BLESSING she is going to I pulled up the blog and started reading away.....BOY....if ONLY I had boxes and boxes of Kleenexes i would've buried myself in them!! Her name is Kendra and her blog is When we touched down in SLC we made up our minds to give our lil "Baby Girl" a nickname "Moomoo" from her Dad I love it, but after reading this blog and feeling just a bit of how great this women Kendra is and with the nickname(among plenty of other ones) she gave her beautiful daughter Mckenzie which was "Muffin". I ONLY HOPE & PRAY that I will be a mother like her...FULL of EVERYTHING always STRIVING to be the BEST the MOTHER that she could be for her daughter the 4months she was here. I hope our daughter is as PERFECT as Mckenzie and Im sure she will be.!! But since reading that blog and the timing of everything (which me & Jayy and Im sure as everybody lives by) "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON" so her nickname will be "MUFFIN" to help us remember how BLESSED we are to have her...and especially to remind us to EMBRACE the sleepless nights, the crying, the vomiting, the dirty diapers, the $$$ being spent on her, the exercise in packing & unpacking her bags, doctor appointments, teething time, potty training and of course that only for the first few months and years and then from there EMBRACE pretty much all that I probably put my parents through as a its my turn!! Thank you Crystal (my sup) for referring me to that blog and THANK you to the Webster family especially Kendra for being such a great example of EVERY KIND and a very special thanks to Baby Mckenzie "Muffin" you were to good for this world, and your little time here has changed so many peoples lives including mine and of course my daughter as she grows she will know why we decided to call her "Muffin" to be as special as you are!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yup another one of those posts...

Yup it is another one of those posts "catch up"!! But this time I wont be anal to figure if I'm missing something...since he last post 12/2 and today 12/26 A LOT has happened!!

Some of the past things were my Dad's siblings the babies of the family are visiting from NZ his baby sister Tupou brother Vikilani & his daughter Veilomani are here for the Holidays & to visit my handsome Uncle Saia. It has been pretty busy since my last entry..we (Dad, Jayy & Me) did fly out to LBC to pick up Aunty Pou & it was a fun quick little trip. First time for my Dad to FINALLY use the benefits HOI...but he enjoyed it!! Then on the 17th of December my Uncle Vikilani & daughter Veilomani came down that same weekend we had a wedding my Mom was doing I really don't know how this women does it BUT she does and we DID it!!

On 12/20 we had our FIRST LAPU'AHO CHRISTMAS PARTY!! First time to have more than just our family & Uncle Saia's was so much FUN, lots of laughter, crying & memories to last forever!! Christmas this year for me & Jayy was quiet different then the past two years...for ONE our daughter can come any minute now so we've been focusing on that..also Dad (Paseni Crip) is not here with us..but we know he's watching from above. I'm excited for the New Year to come cause I feel very good with whats in store for us...EVERYTHING..the struggles, the blessings, trials, memories list goes on and on!! We'll I know it wasn't much of an entry but it counts for something right...hope you all had a GREAT CHRISTMAS and may the New Year bring more!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Yup another one of those momemnts!! Can you believe its DECEMBER already? Sheesh last that I remember it was October just getting prepped for Thanksgiving, and now that's come & gone & the bells are surely ringing!! So much is going on this month I'm really going to feel like a chicken with out its head on!! But isn't everybody about this time...sheesh so here is my run down for the rest of this week!!

December 3 Thursday - Long Beach picking up my Aunty Tupou (Dad's little sister) coming in from New Zealand. Its been about about 20yrs since we've seen her. Cant wait!!

December 4 Friday- My husbands "toko" Lui Richard Maile & Whitney w/there cute lil son Taniela Afu will be getting married woo hoo!!

December 5 Saturday- Nephews Briden, Gideon Pauni (Sinai's twins) Baby Misa Tua'tonga (Fisi & Mylah's) & Jerrex Bloomfield (Fua & Kauata's) Baptisms.

December 6 Sunday- Sione & Pulotu's son baby blessing. 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional we got tickets to attend woo hoo!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yea leave it to me to finally blog a day before THANKSGIVING!! Just want to wish EVERYONE a HAPPY WARM, FUN, SAFE MEMORABLE THANKSGIVING filled with lots of LOVE!! I am TRULY TRULY TRULY GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING I HAVE IN MY LIFE. From the littlest things to the biggest things ALL in ALL it has been for my benefit, and has been blessings in the long wrong!!

I will be starting a new blog hopefully on Dec. 1 dedicated to our little blessing daughter who is due at the end of the month!! So stay tuned!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A blessing....

The blessing is this man up here...this is one of the many brothers of my Dad BUT the only one we have had here with us in the U.S. Dad comes a very big family however they all reside back in the homeland or New Zealand. Sad to say this is the only brother I have met on my Dad side & I feel so BLESSED that is was him we had blessing of being with out here. Uncle Saia is the most humblest, quiet LOVABLE mad you would ever meet. I have NEVER EVER heard him speak any ill words towards any one or any thing, NEVER seen him upset or angry!! I can still remember him before he was married & had his 8 beautiful children, he would babysit us kids. Now picture 4 lil girls getting ready for the day & having this man at that time healthy & buff (like my Dad:L) putting our hair in barrettes..or feeding us all 6mouths while my Dad was out working & Mom was busy. Up to NOW he is STILL there for us kids all 16 of us!!

Back in 2001 his family was not members of our faith (LDS) but he made sure he did not miss my farewell. I still remember that day he had all his kids in vala tonga (tongan attire) sitting there listening to me. I remember him coming & giving me an envelope of money yet his family was struggling & I REMEMBER his loving words..."Alu tokanga ki he ngaue, ngaue ke lahi" thats all he said and kissed me...I cried & cried & cried my humble Uncle in his beat up van (at that time) with all his kids in there with him. Proud to say before i returned home from my mission in 2002 they were ALL baptized & HAPPY to report sealed as an eternal family a year later!!

Through out the years he has been right there for each of kids a long with his kids!! I can bet you if you met him in person yourself with in a second you would be able to feel of his LOVE!! A few months ago his leg was amputated (diabetes) and at the time the had told him his kidneys will go down hill from then, and as of Thursday (Nov 5th) it has failed. Right now there is nothing that can be done so he is at home with his family & a nurse that comes and checks on him daily.

I hope the best for him and i don't want him to go BUT I do know when the Lord calls its his time! I'm just grateful for my blessings in my life especially my family & especially this handsome man Uncle Saia we LOVE you & know what ever may come we have the TRUTH....FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


I hope my eyes dont turn out like this lol....but this is what I've been feeling like & seem to be doing every 15minutes. So today is the last day of training for this week & one more week to go hoi.....but we are NOT going to dwell on that!! I cant wait to get home & sleep in Toniewoo hoo only problem seems I'm never able to sleep past 7:30am or 8a.m. on Saturdays..why? If you know my parents then you would know why lol. I've got this watch that seems to"tick" in my head and the counsels of my parents..."Time is the boss" or "Get things done at the right time" there so many things they would counsel us about in reguards to TIME. Now I don't deprive myself from sleep or relaxation...but I can honestly say there is a lot of things I have changed remembering there counsel with that. So I cant wait to SLEEP but in all HONESTY I cant WAIT to use my time getting things organized, laundry done, cleaning, bills paid, Baby Girls things really I doubt sleep will fit in the schedule.....

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I know... I know... another blog about my husband BUT I can't help how SPECIAL he is!! lol We've been married going on 2yrs and 8months & it has been an AMAZING and INTERESTING journey one that I thank my Father in Heaven for every day!! I HONESTLY feel so blessed to have a MAN like Jayy in my life...growing up I only knew him as "BABY JAYY" and he didn't really have a good track record back then...(really lol).

So what makes a girl like me fall in LOVE with a man like him? One word explains it all.....DIFFERENT!! He was DIFFERENT and boy was I about to see how DIFFERENT he was. From the first day i met up with him after years of loosing contact he PROVED himself of being DIFFERENT! For one its not often a girl from the Valley marries a guy from the Valley were like brothers & sisters it would just be odd, but we BROKE that up!! Not often you find a man like him show so much affection regardless of who's around he's called me "LOVE" since the 2nd day we became a little couple. It's to the point my lil nephews call me that cause Uncle Jayy calls "Tia" (Aunt in Spanish) that. He strives to better himself in ways that I know is not common for him to do. I'm grateful I was blessed to be his wife & the mother of his kids & more importantly for one day to make it legit & become his "ETERNAL" companion!! I love you my "KING LEONIDA$" JASON ALVIN NYDEGGER thank you for the past two years & 8 months & ETERNITY to GO!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Next two weeks...

So much is going on right about now it's pretty hectic. These next 2 weeks I'll have a full schedule full time 8:30a.m.-5p.m. AMEX and then at 7:30p.m.-1:30a.m. a training for my part-time w/JetBlue. So far one day down and 9 more days to go!!
To remind myself on "why" I work at Jetblue (being that I really haven't worked for the last 2 months) I'm booking a day trip this Saturday to LGB for a day! LET US HOPE its not to full so we can get on!! I'm determined to talk my Dad into going as well!! We shall see....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our 1st ULTRASOUND ஐ.•*¨♥`•°Baby Girl°•`♥¨*•.ஐ

Isn't she PERFECT.....yea I think so myself!! Can you tell what kind of mother I'm gong to be!! I don't even know where to start...maybe with how BLESSED & GRATEFUL I am for Ita & Paseni especially Ita letting me get the feel of being a 1st time Mom. Ita had them (Clinic) do a DVD so we sat at home Saturday (yes on HALLOWEEN) and watched it over & over all 5minutes of it which turned out to be about an hour lol!! She's every way that I could imagine!! I REALLY REALLY feel a CONNECTION to this lil "Baby Girl". I know you Mother's out there know first hand what I am trying to explain. But I DO have it more bias but in sense its REALLY how i feel!! As for our lil nickname for her "Baby Girl" it was given to her by my lil nephew Benson since the day I told him we were having a Baby and she's a girl..he has asked us everyday when "Baby Girl" is coming....he tells everybody he comes in contact with that his "Tia" (Spanish courtesy of his cousin Moala Si'i) is "having a Baby Girl" and its his "sister"!! Oh...can we say its been a very emotional weekend!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

She's COMING woo hoo.....

So the last time I blogged about this was a few weeks back when we had dinner with Seni & Ita talking about the baby in her lil tummy. We'll since then Ita set an appointment for an ultrasound to confirm if it was going to be a little boy or a little girl. Just a reminder that we had agreed if the Baby was a little boy we'd prefer for them to have him since that would be the first son, and if it was to be a girl then we would LOVE to have her! We'll she had a check up last week and we found out that the due date is Jan. 3 & then they set her ultra sound for Oct. 30 which was yesterday & of course with my title of the blog BABY is a....BABY GIRL!! We also found out that she may have Baby the end of December OMG so much is going through my head its pretty crazy!! All my husband could do was smile & tell me we have to start buying things...ah..he knows me to well LOVE TO SHOP!! Besides all this excitement I'm so humbled & grateful to my Father in Heaven he truly knows ones hearts desire!! He has never failed me with anything that i have asked for. I'm grateful for loving siblings like Seni & Ita to love us so much and in trust us with the GREATEST BLESSING of taking BABY. I had found out after being married to Jayy that me & Ita are related through our mother's funny thing is her Mom so reminds me of my Mom, and often times we find ourselves "quoting" the ways our Mom's raised us!!

I don't think I'll ever be able to explain very well what is going through my mind & especially in my heart!! I'm excited to do all the little things that I've watched all the great women in my life do with there Baby's. I'm excited to see my husband carry ALL of Baby's things lol, can't wait to hear her little cry, when she teeth's, change her diapers, feed her, go shopping cause she can't stop growing. I'm excited to start our own little family traditions, the Holiday's, birthdays, family pictures. Can't wait to see my niece & nephews play with her, or my parents be Grandparents all over again with our Baby, or my brother's (her Uncles's) do her little pu'i's lol.....cause there more excited to have a little niece. I can't wait to teach her all that i know about LIFE & more importantly to teach her about the Gospel & how loving our Father in Heaven is. I can't wait to tell her how special she is & how much we LOVE her!! Dang it I'm going to have to stop before i cry all over my keyboard hoi...Isn't that the BEST news!! What a TREAT for us this Halloween I'll ALWAYS remember this time..when I found out we were having a little girl!! Stay tuned family & friends cause the Nydegger's is growing to have a new addition!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


So last post for today FOR REALS!! I swear I'm going to stay up on this "consistency". Now it may not be that big of a deal for some to "blog" but for me it is because it my own lil journal so please BARE with me!
So October 18th (Sunday) as i was rushing into the chapel to get to the Young Women Room (Laurel Teacher) I was stopped at the doorway by Neti Lui (my brother, & the Stake Clerk) asking me to go with him to the Stake Office so I follow him, but all I'm thinking is to get to Young Women's to teach my lesson, not realizing what was in store for me.
A few minutes pass & I get directed into the high council room to be greeted by Tonga (i think that's his name) the 2nd counselor to the Stake Presidency. Well long story short I've been called to serve as 2nd Counselor for the Stake Young Women Presidency...woo hoo...I'm sooooooo excited & at the same time a little nervous. I've been so used to our Young Women in our Ward & area but now its time to work with ALL of them in our Stake. I have no DOUBT my Father in Heaven will be there for me, I know if anything I'll be LEARNING a TON from the Young Women along with the great women I'll be working with Mapuana Tuia (my cousins wife) Angela Tuiaki, & Lose Lao. I'm indeed grateful that i have this time to serve my Father in Heaven, and the Young Women of this Stake & look forward to ALL that lies ahead the good, and the bad all in all it will be for my own benefit!!

Natividad Moala Sales....

So i met this little girl when I married my KING LEONIDA$ back in March 2007. Her full name is Natividad Moala Sales she is half Mexican (woo woo) and Tongan and she came out with BEST of both worlds. She is my sister in law Crystal & Jose's oldest daughter. When I first met her she was very shy, it took her about 2months before she really liked coming around me, but when she did it was no turning back. She has now become my "lil girl" she has me & her Uncle wrapped around her lil finger BUT she has learned to listen to what I say so she's not to spoiled. Since then she has been an added grandchild to my parents they LOVE her just as much as there other grand kids. I think of how lucky she is to have so many Grandparents to surround her with LOVE and lots of SUPPORT as she grows up. Last Sunday was her primary program her 2nd year with a part, she attends church weekly with her Grandma Moala & is a great example for her parents & the rest of us with her desire to learn more about the Gospel. Last year we had bought her this beautiful white dress, but this year she wanted to wear a "fala" (is what she called it) so went traditional with the Tongan wear. Thanks to my Mom and her magic fingers to hook something up for her the night before she was BEAUTIFUL!! Here are a few pictures.... Me (with my eyes closed hoi) Jayy & Baby Moala
G-Ma & G-Pa Lapu'aho w/ Baby Moala

Moala Si'i Sales Granger Primary Program 2009

Moala Si'i Granger Primary Program 2008

BYU Baby....

Ok..ok despite that game w/ TCU we STILL LOVE us some BYU!! We were invited to the IONGI's (Lu, Silia & the 3 DIVAS) home to watch our BYU TEAM..despite the LOSS we had us some good grub (yummy pizza's & pasta thanks IONGI's) and the best company!! It was nice to finally sit back with sister Silia & catch up on the latest with our lives. This women is amazing....a very very hard worker in ALL.... her calling, as a mother, as a wife, and of course as a women out there in the working field...but what amazes me is her CALMNESS about it all!! I often think about what i have on my plate which is...we'll not much compared to some of my sisters!! I do hope that when the time comes & we have our kids that i'll be able to hold it down like them!! Now for the best part which was watching our husbands Lu & Jayy as they watched our team go down the toilet <---literally!! These two have to be the biggest BYU supporters its pretty crazy...especially Lu ha..ha..ha...its NEVER a DULL moment LOVED it!! At least we can say UNGA #45 did his best & were pretty proud!! Harvey & Jayy are 1st cousins (Tausinga side) sad to say when they were younger Jayy used to beat him up...booooo....but NOW look at him!! Moded to my husband ha..ha..j/p. Thanks again to the IONGI's loved watching the game with you guys..and as for our team BYU...just SMASH the "U" this year PLEASE!!

Back it up....FILI FAMILY Oct. 23, 2009 FRIDAY

I have to play "catch up" real quick being that I'm so C LOW ...sometimes (NOT all the TIME!!) Last weekend our FILIMOEATU side had a family activity. We all met at G-Ma & G-Pa Lapu'aho's had some goood homemade chili, played some games & off we went to the HAUNTY CORN MAZE where it was nothing but falling (Morena lol), screaming (the lil boys), getting lost in the maze (Sinai, Haloti w/Leia & Nini) holding hands (the lil boys again w/palangi girls WTH?) some sweet hot cocoa, along with yuummyy donuts (courtesy of the Iongi's)!! Another successful memory made to last forever!! Good times it was...woo hoo HALLOWEEN 2009. Here are some pictures.... Naite came up to me and said "I havent taken a picture by myself" lol hence the pix.
She is sssuuuuccchhhh a cutie!
Sister Ashley, Silia & Crystal chopping it up!!

Me & my lil palangi feti Kenyalynn

Aunty Kelly chillen with the lil nephews..........

Those who made it so far..FILIMOEATU's

Friday, October 23, 2009

Z U M B A......Z U M B A 1HOUR woo hoo

TOP: Morena, Lu, Silia, & skinny Sinai BOTTOM: Me, & Mino
---->only Mrs. Kofe can lay down after ZUMBA

Saturday morning bright & early getting our wrist bands!!

So i know these pictures are a little late but HAVE to post them. So FINALLY after about a year and half I made it to ZUMBA!! Another thing about this accomplishment is my MOMMA joined us!! It's was the MISINALE women & the LAPU'AHO women lots of fun!! So here are some pictures from that memorable Saturday.....and i still have yet to go back...I HATE Saturday schedules to much to do...

Sorry Silly u a quick mover, the pix is blurry...going in me NOT knowing that I'm going to die!! LOL


Tali had her Uncle coloring with them before dinner!!
Uncle Jayy attempting to take the crayon from Kenya....yea try again!!
Nothing beats a Friday nite with cute nieces the MAN that you LOVE and some good dinner (courtesy of Stacy) Love babysitting my two "palangi loi" lil momma's Tali & Kenyalynn. In the pictures show these two lil one have there Uncle wrapped around there coloring...swinging them up in the air...or downstairs playing some hide and seek!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just when you think....

Just when you think you got it all together and then SIKE you really don't!! Hoi thats how i've been feeling!! BUT...never LOOSE FAITH!! My father in heaven has NEVER EVER failed me!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend...10/16-10/18 2009

So here is this weekends agenda....
Friday Oct. 16, 2009
8a.m.-5p.m. WORK
5:30p.m. - 10p.m. JETBLUE WORK
10p.m. Helping BFF Ana & Paul @ the Wesleyan Church (CHANG ZANG & Tina's wedd)
Saturday Oct. 17, 2009
9a.m. - HELP w/ wedding
Sunday Oct. 18, 2009
9a.m.-12p.m. Church
LAPU'AHO FHE (been a minute)
That's it folks we shall see what unfolds come Monday.....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"CHANG ZANG's" weekend....

Let me introduce this fella right here, now i know I've talked so highly(wink) of my husbands friends (with some being my own cousins). But this man is pretty special I've known Tukia for a few years, but since being married to my husband who has shared with me how much he means to him i have grown to love him more!!
This weekend is TUKIA NAU & TINA WOLFGRAMN's wedding..woo hoo!! Really excited for them especially him, majority of his friends have all gotten hitched so NOW it's his turn. Congrats to you & your beautiful bride to be Tina!! We LOVE u guys!!

Monday, October 12, 2009


I need be consistent with what I want to blog..and uh...I didn't get back to the "continue" but I'm gonna learn & keep going!! So this is how the weekend actually went.....

Friday 10/9/2009
5p.m. Off work
6p.m. Made it home FINALLY...dropped off Kia, and the pix to Mom
8p.m. Got ready and out the door with Lu, Ana, & nieces Leslie & Leia Jean
8:30p.m. Dinner @ Five guys (wasn't all that)
9:30p.m. SUGAR HOUSE $$1$$ GI JOE (loved it)
12:30a.m. HOME

Saturday 10/10/2009
6:30a.m. UP & getting ready
7:30 a.m. Rec Center (ZUMBA wrist band)
7:40a.m. Stk. Center (Clean Up)
8:45a.m. Back to the Rec for ZUMBA
9:00a.m. About DIED 10minutes into the workout HOI....
10:00a.m. Called it a workout
10:30a.m. New nail salon HONEY NAILS (they alright)
12:00p.m. Get ready for some football
1:30p.m. HUNTER vs EAST (we lost BUT it's ok the boys did GREAT!!
3:34p.m. Home get ready for the wedding
4:30p.m. WEDDING..very BEAUTIFUL & the food was YYYUUUMMMYYY
8:00p.m. Actually hung out w/ Jayy & his friends (always an INTERESTING night)
11:00p.m. Early night (Stk Conference next day)

Sunday 10/11/2009
Stake Conference & RELAXED!!

That was our it kind of went with what i had in mind!! Now ZUMBA has me feeling the PAIN ....STILL!! Love it!! Thanks sisters & Aunty for the support!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The plan so far....

It's about 4:53pm so almost time to call it another "work week" done with!! Just want to start something new..rather than put my life on my "black BIG planner" i figure i'll put it down on here on what "the plan so far" is for this weekend, and then we shall see how it ACTUALLY unfolds come Monday Oct. 12, it goes in a nut shell of 5 minutes....
5:00p.m. Jayy picking m up
**Quick stop to visit my MIL & drop of some pictures for hr.
6:00p.m. Home sweet home, rest a bit
7:00p.m. Start the shopping "LADIES NITE"
**This consist of my & my sisters (Mino's kids yippee) and my nieces
9-10:oop.m. a few movies (at the $1.00 show of course) we are interested in.
**Hopefully my midnite we'll be home**
Throw some laundry in.....
Saturday Oct. 10, 2009
8:00a.m. Get ready for ZUMBA (Stretching and all)
9:00a.m. ZUMBA away w/ my sisters
10:45a.m. Off to the nail salon
12:00p.m. hope to be home to rest
1:00p.m. Off to nephew Wyate's football game against EAST!!
4:00p.m. Wedding
7:00p.m. Stake Fireside (Stk Conference)
9:00p.m. Home hopefully
To be continued when i get home........

The TIME has come.....

It is TIME for me to FINALLY JUMP on the bandwagon with my fellow sisters & Aunty Ruby & "zumba" this "chubby" wieght off!! It only took me about a year and a half we'll lets just round it up to 2 FREEKIN years!! I swear do i suck or what? NOPE I dont SUCK...have to be POSITIVE!! But yes SISTER's count me in tomorrow morning bright & early!! Finally have a Saturday FREE...FREE...FREE...we'll till about 12pm & then back to the "run around" schedule!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ok really what kind of blog is "SSSHHHHHHhhhh....." we'll i can't help it, it's like when someone tells you "Can i tell you a secret?" and your hearts beating wondering what it could be & at the same time a million thoughts cross your mind of what it "could be"....and then....we'll a lot of things can be the you "guessed right", or you already "heard", or your way off...ok let me just share already....heck this "blog" is for the purpose of a journal for me!!

So last Friday we had dinner with my lil brother in law Paseni & his beautiful wifey Ita (Wolfgramn) now this wasn't just some "Friday nite dinner" there was much more to it. This cutie couple has been blessed with two adorable girls Kato & Fehi, and earlier this year they found out they were expecting yet another. When finding out the news we were sooooooo HAPPY for them, and just excited to add yet another to our family. We'll to make a short story even shorter & to get to the point...(because with later posts i'm sure i'll share more) They are giving us the BLESSING of adopting the most precious gift one can give....the BABY!! That's right folks...Mr. & Mrs. Nydegger are going to be PARENTS <-----HOLY MOLY. Now things can change from now to then ONLY because we've discussed with them if they are to have a lil baby boy that we would want them to keep him since they don't have a son. Ita is having the symptoms as she did with the other two girls, but she is due for an ultra sound to find out. These two are truly SPECIAL...during our dinner they had told me & Jayy that what ever they were going to have they wanted us to have. It's so hard to share everything that's going on ONLY because I can't put it down right....let me just say we are soooooooooooooo EXCITED more like beyond. I am soooooooo grateful for these two & the love and trust they have in me & Jayy but more importantly I know if it wasn't for our Father in Heaven & his unconditional LOVE to bless us with this. I know he hears & answers prayers and with out a DOUBT knows ones HEARTS get ready my dear friends & family for more updated info on the Baby!! Oh duh..she is due Dec. 29th yes...2010 BABY is our YEAR!!


Thats how i've been feeling the last few days with L I F list of "things to do today" which ends up being a few days old, to a week, and then a month before i know it half the year has gone by.... AND majority of the "things on the TODAY list" are STILL on my LIST!! <-----Did that even make sense? Probably not..oh well AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!
However on the brighter side of things...I'm going to be PATIENT with myself & just know...I CAN DO IT!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Continue on Aunty Ruby....

One of my favorite pictures...Aunty Ruby with Moala Si'i, and Silia (my sis in law's daughters) They LOVE there Grandma Lupy!!

Right here you can see the edge of the fala Aunty Ruby brought for my father in law. Jayy's 1st cousin's the Makoni Boys.
I forgot ot mention that when Aunty Ruby brought over with my hala the "tu'uanga" she had the blanket wrapped in the most beautiful, fine fala (from her trip from Tonga). Now i've seen a lot of fala's but this one....sheesh I wanted to keep it myself lol...but really thats how beautiful it was. In this picture of the pall bearers they were standing on the side of it....I know with out a doubt my father in law was smiling from above!! Thanks again Aunty Ruby!!

My Aunty Mom's right hand!!

Aunty Ruby, Me, and Uncel Vili @ Dad's burial.
The BEAUTIFUL white blanket...Aunty Ruby fixing the flowers.

My 2nd Mother...Aunty Ruby

So I've been meaning to blog about this but couldn't load the pictures for some reason, and then i forgot my log in for my blog. ( I know who does that? So the pictures above were from my father in law's funeral @ his burial. With the death of my father in law & being married to the oldest i learned sooooo much, but I wanted to blog about one thing that STOOD out to me the whole time during the services. My APPRECIATION of my FAMILY. When the news came about Dad passing i recieved non-stop calls from my Mom's sisters my Aunty's what I was needing, what they could help with, where i could find certain things for the funeral. But one Aunty in particular was my Aunty Ruby...LOVE this WOMEN.
Growing up we've always been close to this family, now dont get me wrong on my Filimoeatu side we are all very close but this family was different...maybe because my Dad & my Uncle Vili (Aunty Ruby's handsome hubby) are cousins, and they BOTH were eva'ing to my Mom & Aunt pretty much the same time!! I remember being @ the Morturary with Jayy & Mom (Moala) finalizing all Dad's programs when I get a call from my Aunty Ruby...she called to ask me if I knew or had the "tu'uanga" (tongan for his mat or flooring for the casket) for my father in law....besides the other billion things crossing my mind, i knew my mother in law didn't want anything Tongan (mats, fala's etc) I told my Aunt what I had in mind, & what my mother in laws idea were...and waaa laaaa with out hesitation my Aunt told me she was going to make it & to not worry about it. I still remember how i felt...tears came down, and a sigh of relief came over the pix's it shows what my father in law was wrapped with....the BEAUTIFUL WHITE (designed) BLANKET....made by my Aunty. You can't see the deatil in the blanket but boy did i get compliments about it. Just like Dad wanted it....through out the funeral besides making this beautiful blanket with in 2 days, and the other 6-7blankets she made for my hala...not ONE DAY did she miss coming over to help out at the house in the kitchen!! I'm truely greatful for the family I was BLESSED with...espicially for having a HARD WORKING, FUNNY, TALENTED, & BEAUTIFUL Aunt like you Aunty Ruby...we APPRECIATE everything you do for us!!

Our weekend...

So just a lil run down on our weekend...i feel i need to do this so i have somewhat a "rememberance" of what was done.

Friday 10/2/2009: Off @ 5p.m., got home Jayy was ready to go out to dinner w/ his lil brother Seni & wifey Ita. Made a stop to visit Dad at the cemetary where Mom was hanging out & off we went to dinner. KFC <---Jayy's fave. Now I'll have to post about this dinner...E X C I T I N G!!

Saturday 10/3/2009: Had to work @ AMEX got off at 4:30. But hooked up another computer by my desk & watched General Conference...LOVED IT!! Made it home just in time to get Jayy ready for Priesthood session. He was ready by 5:30 and off he went with Dad. I stayed home cleaned, laundry, and visited with my mom & sisters. Jayy came home & shared the messages from Priesthood...very good note taker, and did a good job with listening to all the speakers. His fave besides the Prophet who spoke about "ANGER" was Pres. Urchtdorf.

Sunday 10/4/2009: Watched General Conference ALL DAY & LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!! Ended the nite with a nice dinner, and chilled out nite just me & my Baby JaYy.

This past weekend was the best!! Despite the "gloomyness" the messages at Conference as usual hit HOME, and not just ONE talk stuck out ALL of them had messages that were needed for me starting from the Womens Conference the week before!! Funny cause the whole weekend as usual we get the phone calls or the texts or out of no where visits from Jayy's friends but each time he talked to them it amazed me to see how upfront my husband was with them on letting them know he was watching General Conference. Thankful for my mother in law & father in law in instilling and teaching him when he was a younger BECAUSE they DO REMEMBER!! Grateful for this GOSPEL!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

"Encircled in the Arms of his LOVE"

So last weekend 9/25 & 9/26 (Fri-Sat) was pretty busy with wedding's and a whole lot of running around. But on Saturday about 5p.m. it was a nice calm, peaceful next 3hrs. Time to get ready for the General Relief Society Women Conference that started at 6p.m. @ the Stk. Center. Nothing beats hearing words of the leaders to help us as women, mothers, daughters, and as sisters all in the gospel. It was great to be in attendance with my sister & the two oldest nieces, along with my Aunt & sister Morena.

All the talks hit home for me, but something I feel that really changed me was a thought that crossed my mind...."the type of women I want to be" I have made it my personal goal to "find GOOD in EVERYTHING"!! So far I have to say I've done pretty good, and the best part is....I FEEL GOOD!! I hope to be able to apply all that was said by the General Relief Society Leaders this past Women's Conference, along with Pres. Eyring.

Monday, September 21, 2009

"I saw Uncle Jayy walking....."

So yesterday was not such a good day for me....(what an excuse huh) But really it wasn't...why? Because I let Satan get the best of me that's why. I'm a Laurel teacher in my ward and I LOVE it!! I was so ready with my lesson, my handouts, my props for the lesson just about EVERYTHING except.....slowing down my mouth!!
So it's about 7:45am Jayy's up chit chatting with one of his random brother's when he tells him he has to go get ready for church. (Good job...he's learning) we'll I get ready and pack all my things, make my way upstairs and my parents (who love to be ready about 40-30 minutes before ANYTHING is sitting there giving me the eye like..."is someone going to take us" so I just keep going about my way, only to hear "mother dear" call me to take a look at what I'm wearing....YES I'm 30 a grown a&* women BUT if you know the FILIMOEATU sister's they don't care...your NEVER to old for a MOM to remind you. Right then i was offended so i figured what the heck let me take the old people now (I know how rude I am, but let me remind you Satan is very tricky!! lol) So i get back from taking them down the street only to walk downstairs to find Jayy posted up in his church clothes, hair done, socks on, shoes ready to be put on BUT what is he doing......freekin XBOX 360 (is that what its called?) so you know I have to be a "kafi" and just sit quietly, gather my things....THINKING he's going to THINK & use his lil HEAD & look at the clock that now reads 8:55a.m. .....WE NEED TO GO....but does he use his lil head?....NEGATIVE so now i'm grabbing my things and boy...if "fumes" could come out of ears, nose, mouth EVERYTIHING would be smoking MAD. I made it to the truck to only HOOOOOOONNNKKK and he comes running out & guess what he has the nerve to say to me......SORRY LOVE. What the...SORRY LOVE is NOT going to cut it buddy...all of a sudden I was "fuming" EVERYWHERE....of course because my husband is soooooo freekin HUMBLE goes into church like NOTHING, and what do i do....I'm sitting in the TRUCK all with the wrong SPIRIT so do I stay at church? Uh..nope I make my way home, dial my husbands cell & all of a sudden I acted like it wasn't Sunday & everything "beep...beep...beep" word came out of me...and the whole time Jayy saying "Love, don't make it bigger than it is, its going to be okay" osi hu mai ai tevolo (I swear...) We'll lets just say I thought I owned the chapel & let Jayy know I didn't want him when I FINALLY cool down, and realize i need some "spirit" in me, I made my way to church...with my nephews (Vita & Leva Bloomfield) and there mother telling me "I seen Jayy walking" yea...lesson ed LEARNED for me to NOT make something small so BIG, especially to the point where we BOTH needed to be in the CHAPEL together, and that is when I NEED to apply what i teach to myself!! I swear....I need a chill pill!! My poor husband!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We MISS you Dad....

So we stayed at the hospital till about 2a.m. by this time everyone had slowly left & just Mom, her sister Ma'ata & Moala Si'i were left. We said our goodbye's and kissed Dad & made our way home. The ride home was quiet...we were tired, but at the same time still in shock..not really grasping what was in store for us.

The morning of the 7th (Labor Day) we got up got ready & made our way back to Dad, and again the Care Center was filled with his brother's, nephews, nieces, grand-kids, kids we were every where. Getting there I was confronted with the head nurse & the status of Dad, and the schedule we were on. The time to remove the ventilator was now moved to 12pm due to the morfin, and other medication not yet putting him in a comfortable state. Boy...was that the quickest 2-3hours before we knew was now 15mins to 12pm. Again the nurses checked Dad to see how he was taking the medication....then it was time to see if Mom was ready to take off the machine, and who she'd like to be in the room when this was really how were we going to "pick" who was going to be in the room....sorry EVERYBODY will be there. At this point the nurses had advised us once the machine was off it could be 5-15minutes, a few hours, days of how long Dad could last, we really didn't know. We all understood but boy Dad was a "warrior" once that machine was off he stayed with us for about 5hrs. at about 5:20pm was when he took his last breath & that was's hard to comprehend that Dad's gone, that I no longer have a living "father in law" that my kids will not be able to meet him here in this life, at our little family gatherings he won't be there, at the Holidays there's going to be an empty spot, that NOW Jayy has to take charge of our little immediate family. Dad was a GREAT man, I couldn't have asked for a better father in law then him. He sure did make sure I knew how much he LOVED me, he made me feel like a PRINCESS and now...his mission has ended here. I'm so grateful that I had the time to spend with him, to hear his counsels, to be a part of his life. Dad we will always carry you in our hearts & with no DOUBT we know your watching over us...grateful to a LOVING Father in Heaven who's made the PERFECT PLAN for us to be sealed for all time & eternity. No DOUBT Paseni Lahi was a "crip" and his legacy will live on with all of us that were touched by him!! Love you Dad!!

Sunday September 6th, 2009 Everything changed...

At about 11:15a.m. or so we were sitting in sacrament when Jayy showed me his phone & it was Mom (his Mom). Being that Mom doesn't just call us out of no where especially during church I told Jayy to step out and answer it. In about 3minutes later he was back in whispering we needed to leave.

We made our way to the care center where she was with Dad to find her a bit confused. Come to find out Dad was not doing so well, since his surgery back in Nov. '08 when he suffered the stroke his body was slowly not being able to keep up with everything. We found out that his kidneys (both) were done with, our options were 1. Admit to the hospital, but that would mean "aggressive"treatment with no guarantee of anything or 2. keep him comfortable at the center and from there his vitals and so on will shut down. We talked with Mom and made sure she knew what the options were, and she decided to leave him at the center, she was NOT wanting anything else down to him, knowing he's suffered so much already. So we hung out with Mom & Dad for a few hours, talking about what may come and all the details and what not. But I don't think we realized "our time" is NOT the same "timing" as our Father in Heaven.

Returning home after visiting with Dad & Mom it was about 4:30p.m. or so we rested and started to plan our trip for that night to head out to NYC. About 8p.m. another phone call....only this time it was nothing but crying on the other end. Mom had made her decision to take Dad off his ventilator the next day (Monday Sept 7th Labor Day) @ 10a.m. the liquid was already built up in him, to the point it was causing pressure to his lungs, and with his heart in the condition that it was NOT going to make it. Family came from every where, phone calls, questions, thoughts racing is this really happening....

Forever in our HEARTS Dad...Tevita Paseni Makoni

Jayy hold Dads hands.

Dad & Mom 9/6/2009 Sunday This was taken when we had just gotten the phone call from Mom about Dad's kidney's giving in. At this time we didn't think it would be so soon that he would leave.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So Jayy will be highly upset if he knows I posted anything to do with the "U" on my blog, BUT it's ok he'll get over it!! My sister in law Kelly got us tickets to the game tonight...that's my gift from her & my "skinny brother" and get this...we are all BYU fans...hmm...oh well it's FREE!! Ha...ha...I LOVE football, and heck I have a cousin Isi and my nephew "Smockee" that play at the U. Can't pass up some college ball, some good company (my sisters, nieces & sis in law), and some grub of course!! So JUST for TODAY GGGOOOOO UTES!!<---Dang hope Jayy doesn't read this..ha..ha...ha....