Monday, September 21, 2009

"I saw Uncle Jayy walking....."

So yesterday was not such a good day for me....(what an excuse huh) But really it wasn't...why? Because I let Satan get the best of me that's why. I'm a Laurel teacher in my ward and I LOVE it!! I was so ready with my lesson, my handouts, my props for the lesson just about EVERYTHING except.....slowing down my mouth!!
So it's about 7:45am Jayy's up chit chatting with one of his random brother's when he tells him he has to go get ready for church. (Good job...he's learning) we'll I get ready and pack all my things, make my way upstairs and my parents (who love to be ready about 40-30 minutes before ANYTHING is sitting there giving me the eye like..."is someone going to take us" so I just keep going about my way, only to hear "mother dear" call me to take a look at what I'm wearing....YES I'm 30 a grown a&* women BUT if you know the FILIMOEATU sister's they don't care...your NEVER to old for a MOM to remind you. Right then i was offended so i figured what the heck let me take the old people now (I know how rude I am, but let me remind you Satan is very tricky!! lol) So i get back from taking them down the street only to walk downstairs to find Jayy posted up in his church clothes, hair done, socks on, shoes ready to be put on BUT what is he doing......freekin XBOX 360 (is that what its called?) so you know I have to be a "kafi" and just sit quietly, gather my things....THINKING he's going to THINK & use his lil HEAD & look at the clock that now reads 8:55a.m. .....WE NEED TO GO....but does he use his lil head?....NEGATIVE so now i'm grabbing my things and boy...if "fumes" could come out of ears, nose, mouth EVERYTIHING would be smoking MAD. I made it to the truck to only HOOOOOOONNNKKK and he comes running out & guess what he has the nerve to say to me......SORRY LOVE. What the...SORRY LOVE is NOT going to cut it buddy...all of a sudden I was "fuming" EVERYWHERE....of course because my husband is soooooo freekin HUMBLE goes into church like NOTHING, and what do i do....I'm sitting in the TRUCK all with the wrong SPIRIT so do I stay at church? Uh..nope I make my way home, dial my husbands cell & all of a sudden I acted like it wasn't Sunday & everything "beep...beep...beep" word came out of me...and the whole time Jayy saying "Love, don't make it bigger than it is, its going to be okay" osi hu mai ai tevolo (I swear...) We'll lets just say I thought I owned the chapel & let Jayy know I didn't want him when I FINALLY cool down, and realize i need some "spirit" in me, I made my way to church...with my nephews (Vita & Leva Bloomfield) and there mother telling me "I seen Jayy walking" yea...lesson ed LEARNED for me to NOT make something small so BIG, especially to the point where we BOTH needed to be in the CHAPEL together, and that is when I NEED to apply what i teach to myself!! I swear....I need a chill pill!! My poor husband!!

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