Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The "Infamous" the ONLY ONE of them BOYS that I TRUST my LIFE with! Miss & love him can't wait till he gets out!!
Kia & "JJ"
Baby JaYy & BREED

His TOKOUA's (brothers).....H O I!!!

So if you know my husband you have to know that he has a GROUP of "friends" (thats what I use to think) but he'll clear that description real quick for you...there his "tokoua's" in english his brothers. I'm related to the majority of his lil click but I've grown up with ALL of them. I thought I knew them and there ties to eachother BUT.,...NOPE being married to my husband has opened my eyes to them in many ways. Both on good & bad sides but the positive that I have seen these past two years with them is the LOVE they have for eachother....the BOND and I mean they really have a BOND with eachother!! Watching them is really like watching me & my sister we fight, talk ish, argue and what not but when it comes down to it......NOTHING tops being around them!! Despite seeing them every single day it seems like, or getting the "collect calls" or the letters from the famous "college" they like to attend....I have admired how far they have come, and the LOVE they carry for eachother!! So here's to you "dumptrucks" ha..ha..j/p lots of LOVE & THANKS for playing a part of molding my husband "Baby JayY" to the MAN that he is today!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

!! C O U R A G E YW General Conference 2009!!

My beautiful niece Leslie, (sisters) Mino Kofe, Lupy, me, and Ana Bessie Satini. We attended the YW Conference this past Saturday @ the Conference Center it was the BEST!! Nothing beats hear leaders of the Church give messages from our Father in Heaven. We had a good time, lots of laughs, memories that will last FOREVER & learning more of what kind of WOMEN the LORD inteneded us to be!! Love my sisters they are the BEST!! And of course my "mini me" Leslie