Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yea leave it to me to finally blog a day before THANKSGIVING!! Just want to wish EVERYONE a HAPPY WARM, FUN, SAFE MEMORABLE THANKSGIVING filled with lots of LOVE!! I am TRULY TRULY TRULY GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING I HAVE IN MY LIFE. From the littlest things to the biggest things ALL in ALL it has been for my benefit, and has been blessings in the long wrong!!

I will be starting a new blog hopefully on Dec. 1 dedicated to our little blessing daughter who is due at the end of the month!! So stay tuned!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A blessing....

The blessing is this man up here...this is one of the many brothers of my Dad BUT the only one we have had here with us in the U.S. Dad comes a very big family however they all reside back in the homeland or New Zealand. Sad to say this is the only brother I have met on my Dad side & I feel so BLESSED that is was him we had blessing of being with out here. Uncle Saia is the most humblest, quiet LOVABLE mad you would ever meet. I have NEVER EVER heard him speak any ill words towards any one or any thing, NEVER seen him upset or angry!! I can still remember him before he was married & had his 8 beautiful children, he would babysit us kids. Now picture 4 lil girls getting ready for the day & having this man at that time healthy & buff (like my Dad:L) putting our hair in barrettes..or feeding us all 6mouths while my Dad was out working & Mom was busy. Up to NOW he is STILL there for us kids all 16 of us!!

Back in 2001 his family was not members of our faith (LDS) but he made sure he did not miss my farewell. I still remember that day he had all his kids in vala tonga (tongan attire) sitting there listening to me. I remember him coming & giving me an envelope of money yet his family was struggling & I REMEMBER his loving words..."Alu tokanga ki he ngaue, ngaue ke lahi" thats all he said and kissed me...I cried & cried & cried my humble Uncle in his beat up van (at that time) with all his kids in there with him. Proud to say before i returned home from my mission in 2002 they were ALL baptized & HAPPY to report sealed as an eternal family a year later!!

Through out the years he has been right there for each of kids a long with his kids!! I can bet you if you met him in person yourself with in a second you would be able to feel of his LOVE!! A few months ago his leg was amputated (diabetes) and at the time the had told him his kidneys will go down hill from then, and as of Thursday (Nov 5th) it has failed. Right now there is nothing that can be done so he is at home with his family & a nurse that comes and checks on him daily.

I hope the best for him and i don't want him to go BUT I do know when the Lord calls its his time! I'm just grateful for my blessings in my life especially my family & especially this handsome man Uncle Saia we LOVE you & know what ever may come we have the TRUTH....FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


I hope my eyes dont turn out like this lol....but this is what I've been feeling like & seem to be doing every 15minutes. So today is the last day of training for this week & one more week to go hoi.....but we are NOT going to dwell on that!! I cant wait to get home & sleep in Toniewoo hoo only problem seems I'm never able to sleep past 7:30am or 8a.m. on Saturdays..why? If you know my parents then you would know why lol. I've got this watch that seems to"tick" in my head and the counsels of my parents..."Time is the boss" or "Get things done at the right time" there so many things they would counsel us about in reguards to TIME. Now I don't deprive myself from sleep or relaxation...but I can honestly say there is a lot of things I have changed remembering there counsel with that. So I cant wait to SLEEP but in all HONESTY I cant WAIT to use my time getting things organized, laundry done, cleaning, bills paid, Baby Girls things really I doubt sleep will fit in the schedule.....

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I know... I know... another blog about my husband BUT I can't help how SPECIAL he is!! lol We've been married going on 2yrs and 8months & it has been an AMAZING and INTERESTING journey one that I thank my Father in Heaven for every day!! I HONESTLY feel so blessed to have a MAN like Jayy in my life...growing up I only knew him as "BABY JAYY" and he didn't really have a good track record back then...(really lol).

So what makes a girl like me fall in LOVE with a man like him? One word explains it all.....DIFFERENT!! He was DIFFERENT and boy was I about to see how DIFFERENT he was. From the first day i met up with him after years of loosing contact he PROVED himself of being DIFFERENT! For one its not often a girl from the Valley marries a guy from the Valley were like brothers & sisters it would just be odd, but we BROKE that up!! Not often you find a man like him show so much affection regardless of who's around he's called me "LOVE" since the 2nd day we became a little couple. It's to the point my lil nephews call me that cause Uncle Jayy calls "Tia" (Aunt in Spanish) that. He strives to better himself in ways that I know is not common for him to do. I'm grateful I was blessed to be his wife & the mother of his kids & more importantly for one day to make it legit & become his "ETERNAL" companion!! I love you my "KING LEONIDA$" JASON ALVIN NYDEGGER thank you for the past two years & 8 months & ETERNITY to GO!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Next two weeks...

So much is going on right about now it's pretty hectic. These next 2 weeks I'll have a full schedule full time 8:30a.m.-5p.m. AMEX and then at 7:30p.m.-1:30a.m. a training for my part-time w/JetBlue. So far one day down and 9 more days to go!!
To remind myself on "why" I work at Jetblue (being that I really haven't worked for the last 2 months) I'm booking a day trip this Saturday to LGB for a day! LET US HOPE its not to full so we can get on!! I'm determined to talk my Dad into going as well!! We shall see....

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our 1st ULTRASOUND ஐ.•*¨♥`•°Baby Girl°•`♥¨*•.ஐ

Isn't she PERFECT.....yea I think so myself!! Can you tell what kind of mother I'm gong to be!! I don't even know where to start...maybe with how BLESSED & GRATEFUL I am for Ita & Paseni especially Ita letting me get the feel of being a 1st time Mom. Ita had them (Clinic) do a DVD so we sat at home Saturday (yes on HALLOWEEN) and watched it over & over all 5minutes of it which turned out to be about an hour lol!! She's every way that I could imagine!! I REALLY REALLY feel a CONNECTION to this lil "Baby Girl". I know you Mother's out there know first hand what I am trying to explain. But I DO have it more bias but in sense its REALLY how i feel!! As for our lil nickname for her "Baby Girl" it was given to her by my lil nephew Benson since the day I told him we were having a Baby and she's a girl..he has asked us everyday when "Baby Girl" is coming....he tells everybody he comes in contact with that his "Tia" (Spanish courtesy of his cousin Moala Si'i) is "having a Baby Girl" and its his "sister"!! Oh...can we say its been a very emotional weekend!!