Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Never fails.....

So "Baby Girl Muffin" is not here yet...she is "stubborn" she'll make her entrance when she wants!! Everyone says shes perfect for me & Jayy that a compliment or? Oh well it is what is it is huh!!
The past few weeks have been crazy..despite Baby coming the Holidays, work, church, family visiting, bills and the list goes on and on. I've pretty much avoided a few IMPORTANT things just now wanting to deal with them. Yea I know that doesn't help any BUT what we did while avoiding somethings me & Jayy have focused a lot on the New Year coming, and our little new addition and what that means. We have been praying a lot more, talking a lot more about LIFE and goals we want to set and accomplish. During all this I've been able to deal with all the other stuff I have pushed aside and as usual.....all that I had been putting off because of one thing or another "NEVER FAILS" my Father in Heaven as he usually does PULLS it all through!! I may not be his most obedient daughter but I know that when ever I'm in NEED he never fails me!!

Monday, December 28, 2009


Wow its Dec. 28th the first date we were given about Baby Girl "Muffin" no sign of her yet!! So many different feelings, thoughts, emotions are going on its pretty crazy!! Among it all.....I can't explain how blessed Im feeling..we'll let me correct how BLESSED WE BOTH are feeling. For one to have such a UNCONDITIONAL LOVING and MINDFUL Father in Heaven to bless us with this opportunity to be parents to this lil momma...and of course how blessed we are to have loving siblings like Paseni & his beautiful wifey Ita to give so freely one of there blessings to bless us!! Gosh the due date for her seemed so far away and now its HERE.. yea we do have till now and Jan 3rd but its the waiting making me....N E R V O U S!! I could go on and on about the things that I think about...the feelings I'm feeling....the excitement in my much and so hard to put down into words. I think one of the cutest things is the asking from my Dad every morning it seems. G-Pa says he's ready for a lil granddaughter his lil grandsons are too much lol. I think the BEST though is my husband....I know he's really excited yet really nervous he knows with the baby comes a lot of expectations for him let alone my expectations..its now another lil lady that's going to rely on him!!

I've been meaning to blog about this but never got around to it but I think now will be a good time since i'm logged and blogging!! So last week Tues. me & Jayy flew out to Long Beach to take my Aunty Pou and it was so much fun...we stayed over night and flew back Weds morning. That whole trip we were like lil kids roaming the foreign streets on Pacific Ocean Ave. by our Hotel visiting random stores..even stopped at a hole in the wall bar to watch the BYU game yea...poor people were probably wondering what we were doing!! Anyhow when we flew back i came straight into work. When i got in my sup asked how i was doing and if i was excited cause "Baby Girl" was coming soon, and we got to talking about everything the changes and so on, and during the chit chat she told me to read this blog of another co-worker and when I read it to remember how blessed i am even when it gets to those sleepless nights or stinky diapers just to remember what a BLESSING she is going to I pulled up the blog and started reading away.....BOY....if ONLY I had boxes and boxes of Kleenexes i would've buried myself in them!! Her name is Kendra and her blog is When we touched down in SLC we made up our minds to give our lil "Baby Girl" a nickname "Moomoo" from her Dad I love it, but after reading this blog and feeling just a bit of how great this women Kendra is and with the nickname(among plenty of other ones) she gave her beautiful daughter Mckenzie which was "Muffin". I ONLY HOPE & PRAY that I will be a mother like her...FULL of EVERYTHING always STRIVING to be the BEST the MOTHER that she could be for her daughter the 4months she was here. I hope our daughter is as PERFECT as Mckenzie and Im sure she will be.!! But since reading that blog and the timing of everything (which me & Jayy and Im sure as everybody lives by) "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON" so her nickname will be "MUFFIN" to help us remember how BLESSED we are to have her...and especially to remind us to EMBRACE the sleepless nights, the crying, the vomiting, the dirty diapers, the $$$ being spent on her, the exercise in packing & unpacking her bags, doctor appointments, teething time, potty training and of course that only for the first few months and years and then from there EMBRACE pretty much all that I probably put my parents through as a its my turn!! Thank you Crystal (my sup) for referring me to that blog and THANK you to the Webster family especially Kendra for being such a great example of EVERY KIND and a very special thanks to Baby Mckenzie "Muffin" you were to good for this world, and your little time here has changed so many peoples lives including mine and of course my daughter as she grows she will know why we decided to call her "Muffin" to be as special as you are!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yup another one of those posts...

Yup it is another one of those posts "catch up"!! But this time I wont be anal to figure if I'm missing something...since he last post 12/2 and today 12/26 A LOT has happened!!

Some of the past things were my Dad's siblings the babies of the family are visiting from NZ his baby sister Tupou brother Vikilani & his daughter Veilomani are here for the Holidays & to visit my handsome Uncle Saia. It has been pretty busy since my last entry..we (Dad, Jayy & Me) did fly out to LBC to pick up Aunty Pou & it was a fun quick little trip. First time for my Dad to FINALLY use the benefits HOI...but he enjoyed it!! Then on the 17th of December my Uncle Vikilani & daughter Veilomani came down that same weekend we had a wedding my Mom was doing I really don't know how this women does it BUT she does and we DID it!!

On 12/20 we had our FIRST LAPU'AHO CHRISTMAS PARTY!! First time to have more than just our family & Uncle Saia's was so much FUN, lots of laughter, crying & memories to last forever!! Christmas this year for me & Jayy was quiet different then the past two years...for ONE our daughter can come any minute now so we've been focusing on that..also Dad (Paseni Crip) is not here with us..but we know he's watching from above. I'm excited for the New Year to come cause I feel very good with whats in store for us...EVERYTHING..the struggles, the blessings, trials, memories list goes on and on!! We'll I know it wasn't much of an entry but it counts for something right...hope you all had a GREAT CHRISTMAS and may the New Year bring more!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Yup another one of those momemnts!! Can you believe its DECEMBER already? Sheesh last that I remember it was October just getting prepped for Thanksgiving, and now that's come & gone & the bells are surely ringing!! So much is going on this month I'm really going to feel like a chicken with out its head on!! But isn't everybody about this time...sheesh so here is my run down for the rest of this week!!

December 3 Thursday - Long Beach picking up my Aunty Tupou (Dad's little sister) coming in from New Zealand. Its been about about 20yrs since we've seen her. Cant wait!!

December 4 Friday- My husbands "toko" Lui Richard Maile & Whitney w/there cute lil son Taniela Afu will be getting married woo hoo!!

December 5 Saturday- Nephews Briden, Gideon Pauni (Sinai's twins) Baby Misa Tua'tonga (Fisi & Mylah's) & Jerrex Bloomfield (Fua & Kauata's) Baptisms.

December 6 Sunday- Sione & Pulotu's son baby blessing. 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional we got tickets to attend woo hoo!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yea leave it to me to finally blog a day before THANKSGIVING!! Just want to wish EVERYONE a HAPPY WARM, FUN, SAFE MEMORABLE THANKSGIVING filled with lots of LOVE!! I am TRULY TRULY TRULY GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING I HAVE IN MY LIFE. From the littlest things to the biggest things ALL in ALL it has been for my benefit, and has been blessings in the long wrong!!

I will be starting a new blog hopefully on Dec. 1 dedicated to our little blessing daughter who is due at the end of the month!! So stay tuned!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A blessing....

The blessing is this man up here...this is one of the many brothers of my Dad BUT the only one we have had here with us in the U.S. Dad comes a very big family however they all reside back in the homeland or New Zealand. Sad to say this is the only brother I have met on my Dad side & I feel so BLESSED that is was him we had blessing of being with out here. Uncle Saia is the most humblest, quiet LOVABLE mad you would ever meet. I have NEVER EVER heard him speak any ill words towards any one or any thing, NEVER seen him upset or angry!! I can still remember him before he was married & had his 8 beautiful children, he would babysit us kids. Now picture 4 lil girls getting ready for the day & having this man at that time healthy & buff (like my Dad:L) putting our hair in barrettes..or feeding us all 6mouths while my Dad was out working & Mom was busy. Up to NOW he is STILL there for us kids all 16 of us!!

Back in 2001 his family was not members of our faith (LDS) but he made sure he did not miss my farewell. I still remember that day he had all his kids in vala tonga (tongan attire) sitting there listening to me. I remember him coming & giving me an envelope of money yet his family was struggling & I REMEMBER his loving words..."Alu tokanga ki he ngaue, ngaue ke lahi" thats all he said and kissed me...I cried & cried & cried my humble Uncle in his beat up van (at that time) with all his kids in there with him. Proud to say before i returned home from my mission in 2002 they were ALL baptized & HAPPY to report sealed as an eternal family a year later!!

Through out the years he has been right there for each of kids a long with his kids!! I can bet you if you met him in person yourself with in a second you would be able to feel of his LOVE!! A few months ago his leg was amputated (diabetes) and at the time the had told him his kidneys will go down hill from then, and as of Thursday (Nov 5th) it has failed. Right now there is nothing that can be done so he is at home with his family & a nurse that comes and checks on him daily.

I hope the best for him and i don't want him to go BUT I do know when the Lord calls its his time! I'm just grateful for my blessings in my life especially my family & especially this handsome man Uncle Saia we LOVE you & know what ever may come we have the TRUTH....FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


I hope my eyes dont turn out like this lol....but this is what I've been feeling like & seem to be doing every 15minutes. So today is the last day of training for this week & one more week to go hoi.....but we are NOT going to dwell on that!! I cant wait to get home & sleep in Toniewoo hoo only problem seems I'm never able to sleep past 7:30am or 8a.m. on Saturdays..why? If you know my parents then you would know why lol. I've got this watch that seems to"tick" in my head and the counsels of my parents..."Time is the boss" or "Get things done at the right time" there so many things they would counsel us about in reguards to TIME. Now I don't deprive myself from sleep or relaxation...but I can honestly say there is a lot of things I have changed remembering there counsel with that. So I cant wait to SLEEP but in all HONESTY I cant WAIT to use my time getting things organized, laundry done, cleaning, bills paid, Baby Girls things really I doubt sleep will fit in the schedule.....