Friday, May 29, 2009

And what about his........

What am I going to do? Jayy's birthday is in 14days JUNE 12 Friday...and I don't know what I want to plan for him!! The post below is my last birthday & boy did he blow it out of the park.
Just to shed some light on why I'm so worried about his birthday just look at the 4-5 pictures that I posted below out of like 100 i have from my littly party he did me. That morning he drove me to my parents house about 830 or so, and I was thinking we were going out for breakfast BUT....nope drove up and there was my family sitting outside with a banner, ballons, breakfast, koolers and all. Jayy's family was right behind in there vehicles parking. We'll all expenses paid from by my husband food, tickets to the zoo, gifts, and all!! A birthday spent with my family espicially with my nieces & nephews he knows how much I LOVE THEM!! He conducted the whole occasion & he did GREAT. Now thats a lot for a man like him to do & boy it made me realize how blessed I was!!
So for him....he HATES his birthday, but I know he would LOVE for me to SURPRISE him. Now despite this past episode of being "tazered" over all like my sister's have said "TEAM JAYY" he deserves something. Here is what I'm looking at so far.....
#1 NYC for about 2-3 days only problem need dinero to travel if we go we would be putting off some bills for a minute being that his birthday is around the corner & we all know that just leads to stress for later. Also he just started a JOB (woo woo) and don't think it'll look good with 2-3 days off already. Jayy doesn't want to travel yet until we have things set. I agree to cause if i'm going to travel uh hello i do want to shop!!
#2LAGOON, now I'm sure you guys are like "serious" but me & Jayy LOVE it!! Hey this is all Utah can offer right now...and to me better to enjoy than to complain. Not only that we are FIRM believers its only boring if you make it boring. Last year we went like 5 times and each time LOVED it!! Now with this option we've always wanted to go with the boys....yea all fifty of them. These "helemets" need to get out of there corner, they have not been for like years...due to getting there college degrees @ Draper Pointe HOI...I'm leaning towards this option, because these brothers of Jayy are everything to him!! I can honestly say I see them in him, even the best of him!! Of course its going to be a surprise so even better, it'll be nice to see them all together other than at my apartment or in a club, bar, garage or even better in prison.
So if you can help a sister out with any suggestions or choose one of these options it would help because right now I'm feeling like using the "tazer" incident as justifying not doing anything at all........ha..ha..ha...j/p I need to be nice!!

My birthday....

Opening my gifts.......
Below Mark & Lu it was her B-Day too boo....

My cutie sign my lil brother hooked up!!

Makoni & Lapu'aho Family

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This will definately be a "Memorial" weekend to remember......

Ok let me prepare you for this one.....and let me just add that I'm being very brave sharing this story, but the majority of my 5 friends ha..ha...ha...that read my blogs will ENJOY it. Ok so this past Friday I FINALLY finished my Jetblue training, and boy was I in for a treat.

Like mentioned in my previous post during my 3 weeks of training that cute man (in the picture)had been attending it with me. I swear everyone in my class LOVED him, and so did all the merchants around JetBlue, why? Because "Baby JaYy" made his way around the business's and managed to keep himself entertained for my 4-12am shift!! Anyhow the last day was coming to an end, we were stuffed, tired & just excited the next day was Saturday a time to finally rest with a long weekend.....yea right!!

Anyhow I walked out to find as usual my entourage awaiting me to head home to the Valley. So we make it all the way home & I realize I left my purse BOOOOOO so I was going to just send Jayy, Jerry & Moni and realize I better call before JetBlue fires me cause Jayy walks in with my work ID. So off we go back to Wasatch Blvd. we get my bag and I can't wait to get home. We'll I get dropped off and give the little run down with the "dingle's" cause now this was time for the "bonding" at the cemetery w/ "String" & "Fatbacc". At this time it's about 130am or so, so off i go to bed and off they go down the street. We'll about 3 am i send a text to Jayy that said something like this....

"Jayy where ever you guys at stay put...there's a lot of cops out, love you"

And then of course I get a phone call from him just letting me know they were still at the cemetery and that Leki, & Shannon just left and they'll be home soon. Just when it seemed like I shut my eyes I could hear....

"Love, open the door...hey this is my house I live here"

It was probably said 2-3 times till I saw lights flashing as well. Up I went to see what all the commotion was and guess what it was.....a police officer in my front yard, Moni on the floor, Jerry sitting in the truck trying to open the door, and leave it to "LEONIDA$" my husband himself standing there calling my name , and telling the cop he lives there. So I'm rushing to get to the front door, and after a few seconds I get there, only this time to see that the cop had his gun out pointing at my husband and at the same time him telling Jerry to get out of the truck. Jerry & Moni were on the floor, and Jayy still standing there as if he was the cop. After yelling at him to get down on the floor & to shut up I can see the cop (who was very young) fumbling for his walkie to report for the back up. Well as we all know here they come around the corner 5 cop cars including the dogs. Ok now I know police officers are there to protect & serve but sometimes you get the idiots who are on "power trips" & it gets to there head that there boss. So out come about two other cops and cuff the boys & of course with my husband they give that "extra" force with the knee in the back and all, but to tip it off was soon as the cop who had the gun out on Jayy saw his back came the "Who thinks there bad now, huh" now why would you want to say something like that to men like these three & seriously to Jayy.....HOLY MOLY they were in for a treat...there goes Jayy "mata lili'ing" them & of course the cops aint feeling it & so they start talking ish..until finally being really irritated I yelled out "Good one, way to instigate it you idiots that's how you maintain control" of course they didn't like hearing me so they ordered me to get in the house.......PLEASE I couldn't give up like that so of course my "Shut the....up" and then one sino cop comes up & starts to threaten "Do you want me to take you to jail" and quickly I ran back inside..ha..ha...I know don't ever. So it's about 4am they put Jayy in a car, and they have Moni & Jerry laid up on the floor and they are searching through my truck, and to there surprise...NADA I watched them from the front living room about 3-4 times looking inside, and then around the grounds as if the boys threw out something, or had something to hide & guess what.....NOT A DAMN THING was found!! They ran my husbands warrants, a valid DRIVERS LICENSE, insurance on the truck & he was the owner of it, and he's off parole we'll I'll BE damned you JERKS thought you could get more on him!! NOT anyhow the officer came over to me & explained what had happened. He had been following Jay down the street and noticed his lights were off, so he thought that was suspicious.

We'll this is were it gets interesting the cop didn't turn on his sirens till he noticed Jayy finally park and that was infront of our apartment. The cop didn't know Jayy stopped because that's where he lived, and Jayy didn't think anything wrong so he jumps out, and that where it went out of control. The cop was by himself and so he asked Jayy to get down, and that's when I woke up hearing Jayy call me and saying "this is my home" and it didn't stop there....come to find out the reason the cop had the gun out was now this adds the cherry on top....when Jayy would not comply with getting down on the ground the cop had "tazered" him...we'll at least he tried...leave it to "LEONIDA$" Jayy to pull it & throw it off him......what the....poor cop!! So there you have it family & friends that was my Saturday...Jayy in the drunk tank, truck impounded (its out now) and his clean driving record has it's mark. So not only did we get to remember our LOVED ONES this past Holiday but forever the failed "tazer", truck impounded, a DUI & a long weekend of me repeating to my husband....."Why did you get out of the truck....who does that when they get pulled over?, and who pulls off the tazer?" It's all laughs now, but "small" things trickle to big consequences!! What a "memorial" weekend!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's almost over.....

So we are down to 2 more days of this nonsense schedule!! But boy was I feeling it this morning......since May 4th this has been my schedule....6am up 7am @ work till 3:30pm off and straight to Jetblue starting @ 4pm - 12am home about 10minutes later and in bed (if i'm lucky) by 12:30 or so. Sucks with this schedule its been a lack of sleep, my "me" time usually watching TV, Operah of course CSI/NYPD all that, or chatting it up w/my bestfriend "Banana" my sisters or just chillen with Jayy!! I've been deprived of all that and some!! But i some how managed, and now it seems with just two more days after tonight it's getting HARDER!! Lastnite I was brave & stayed up till 2a.m. had to see Leki and it was good to see him!! The crazy thing is all i remember is saying by to Leki & hearing Jayy tell me to get some rest & off I went to wake up to hearing the alarm going off and it was 6:25 am what the? We have the alarm set at the latest 6:10am so that means the "beep....beep....beep" was going on for about 10minutes..and we were sound asleep!! So you know I jumped and off I went trying to get all ready and out the door to get to work by 7am and guess what.....I MADE IT!! Courtesy of my "Baby JaYy's" skills in driving...and even better there was 2hours available in my department to get off....and I took that mug just to go home & get a lil shut eye before yet another night @ JetBlue!! I think I deserve it...ha..ha...can't wait till this is done with!! Thank goodness I have my little support group my husband, family & friends remining me....its almost over!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Woo hoo he's OUT!!

My "Baby JaYy" & the "GENERAL" aka "INFAMOUS"
"Breed" & the "Infamous" Nic's engagement party

Back in 2007 doing a tauolunga for the HELMETS!!

Us @ SOUTHSHORE for Shannon's farewell 7/2007

Leki & Jayy @ the trail back in 2007 woo woo

One year & a few months later & he's FINALLY OUT!! I can't stop smiling!! In the pictures above you should recognize the same individual in all of them. I'm sure your also wondering who could I possibly be refering to if it isn't my handsome husband, or Dad well....its another GREAT MAN that I hold dear to me. ALEKI BLOOMFIELD!!
I've known Leki since Junior High, he was the usual typical "boy" cousin, adding his two cents here & there, buggin @ school, sometimes being intimidated by him but slowly that was grown out of. By Highschool unfortunately he became a part-time student (ha..ha..ha..) anyhow in '97 lost contact with him till about 2000 when I recieved a letter from him from prison. We kept inc contact from there through out my mission in '01-'03 all the time planning or at least attempting to do a visit but never fell through. When I returned from my mission we lost contact for about a year (my fault) but then got back on it in 2005. By this time we were actually moving on up it was phone calls so it was nice to hear him, and know that he was good. We'll through out ALL and I mean ALL that I went through, through out the years he knew about it and it was nice to let it all out. He was even the first besides my bestfriend "Banana" to know about me & his lil brother "Baby JaYy" he was the first to let me know what type of wedding I should have, the first to support me with my "secret" decision and the first to get me a wedding gift....yea can you believe that....he did request for us to wait till he got out to have our wedding BUT like most of you know we decided to surprise EVERYBODY and boy did we, and got married March 19, 2007. We kept in contact with Leki via phone till April 30 '07 when he was schedule for a release. We were the lucky ones to go and pick him up when he walked out those YUCK doors down at the point. I still remember that day I think I was nervous more than him, for one I got there late with his clothes he requested to change into booooo....i know. But all I could think about was 8 and a half years of being pinned up and now coming out to it all changed up. We had a good time with him that day. The whole summer of '07 couldn't have been any better as me & Jayy being newlyweds & spending it with Leki & the rest of the boys, and of course Shannon . All in all we never expected what was to come in '08......
2008 started off pretty good until some unfortunate events George "G-String" returned back to our Father in Heaven & Leki was sent back to prison being charged for the accident in "String's" death. It wasn't the same...all we had was the crazy, fun memories of 2007!! We kept in contact with Leki through letters & phone calls here & there but with beating the case since the tragedy he WON & he is a FREE MAN once again!! I am sooooooo HAPPY it's crazy...I hope the best for him and can't wait to see him...which will be later after I get off @ Jetblue, but I did get to talk to him and so far he's enjoying it!! Love you Leki...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm sure by my previous post you all know how much I love my Dad!! And if the title of the post is a bit confusing to you....let me explain. Back when we lived in California my Dad took up wrestling down in Orange County, and his wrestling name was....."GOLDEN BEAR" and yes the "bear bug" was his signature move!! Anyhow family & close friends that know us....know that name!! So my blog today is about this man I call my Dad. Everyone I know holds there Dad close to them, but if your like me & the oldest "girl" then you know what I'm talking about when you know you have a STRONG BOND with him. Maybe because your his FIRST lil girl, and in my family I'm his first little girl after 3 boys booooo....j/p. Growing up I always knew my Dad kept me apart from everyone I'm not saying this because it's me....but because its the TRUTH. As far as I could remember he would make sure I knew how "special" I was & my position as being his first & the oldest girl. I know at times I had the special treatment but along with that came a lot of responsibilites.
A few years ago my Dad (being diabetic) had partial of his right foot amputated, & that was a very hard time for our family espicially my Mom. But thru it all my Dad gave us no time to dwell on it, he just kept going. Now this was a man who defined the word WORK to me. Who has said many times to us "work hard for what you want", or " if your going to do something give it your BEST" so many countless counsels. A man who once as a little girl used to take me to "Golds Gym" with him, and I used to sit there & watch him lift, a man who used to bring out all our families to an EXCITING wrestling match, a man who would come home from a full day of work & stayed outside to do his yard work......per his comment "you know how a MAN is by the way his house is kept outside", a man who instilled to me & my brothers & sisters the importance of FAMILY as broke as we were we made sure we attended what functions we could in California or in Utah by driving us back & forth, a MAN I watched for years in magnifying his calling in the Ward or Stake level, a MAN who stood by me ALL the time reguardless of my decisions, a MAN that taught me to embrace my culture & that of my responsibilities of being his oldest daughter. I can obviously go on & on about him but one of the most memorable days for me was the day that picture of me him & Jayy was taken (above). This my dear friends & family....was the first time for my Dad to meet Jayy, the first time for my Dad to see the MAN that had his oldest daughter whooped....but by the picture you wouldn't have even noticed.....look at his smile!! He was created to be my Dad to teach me what he has taught me!!
The "Golden Bear" has been sick for the past few days his left side underneath his thigh & above has a lot of pain and they have diagnosed it as "cellulitis" he has been bed bound, yet he tries to move around. All I can hope for is for his health to be restored, and I can't wait to get out of training because I have A LOT of trips planned out for us. I LOVE U DAD & I can only hope that my sons will be just like there Grandpa a MAN that holds it ALL!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

So another "mother's day" has passed, and it seems that each year as I'm getting older I think I'm FINALLY realizing how much my Mom means to me, and why all those years growing up she had repeated many counsels to me & my sisters. Of course all makes sense!!!
WOMEN period are amazing....but a MOTHER even more amazing all the things she endures. I can only pray that when the time comes for me to be a mother I will be like the MOTHER I have been blessed with. She's like a sponge...she exorbs ALL that us kids go through when we hurt she hurts, when we are happy she is to, EVERYTHING we do in this life she goes through as well, only that her HEART probably feels it ten times more!! I LOVE my mom Lesieli Ongo'govi Filimoeatu Lapu'aho she is a mother of FAITH, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, PATIENCE, HUMILITY, very very very TALENTED & more!! Along with her & her beautiful sisters Sili (Tua'tonga) Ana (Greathouse) Lupy (Misinale) and Heamoni (Tahi) I hope to posses what they ALL have because of Grandma Ilaisaane's teachings!! Love all my Mom's who have made me who I am today!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Only the 3rd day........

It's only Wednesday? Sheesh what was I thinking taking on a schedule like this.....hoi!! Last time I held two jobs was about 2yrs ago but even then it wasn't for long hours like now. And yet it's only the 3rd day of 3 full weeks ahead of this craziness!!

So far my schedule has been 6am the alarm starts trippen & so far if i'm lucky enough the "beep...beep...beep" intertwines with my dream so I just keep sleeping ha..ha..ha..!! But then reality sinks in REAL QUICK & I'm up walking to shower!! I get here to work (AMEX) @ about 6:50 swiping in and trying to slide through with my millions of bags I like to carry...why? I don't know!! Anyhow I'm here till about 3:30 running out the front doors jumping in the truck & off we go me & my "driver" poor husband. We get there courtesy of "Baby Jayy" no more than 10minutes now thats PRETTY FAST being that JetBlue is pretty far, but my husband has skills....until the lights start blinking!! I get there about 3:45pm and class begins @ 4pm-12am. We get home about 12:20am or so by the time I crawl into bed its about 12:40 or so & I'm out....and I mean OUT, and then before you know it...."beep....beep....beep" BOOOOOoooooooo & repeat all over again. Sad you would think it's been more than just the 3 days.

Now what keeps me going are two men that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Of course my handsome hardworking husband Jayy through all of this has been very supported!! VERY!! He packs my lunch, does the laundry (he's always loved doing that) cleans, cooks, run the errands around, and drives me. Now the list goes on but besides all this....when I'm @ Jetblue...guess where you'll find him? Bet you can't guess.....OUTSIDE!! How about my training class knows him, cause he chills outside and waits for me. I told him he didn't have to BUT he simply says "Just want to make sure your okay" I can't help but LOVE him more & realized how blessed I am. The other MAN of course is my Dad I really can't wait till I'm done with this training to do some fun day trips with him grubbing some seafood in LA or cruise random Dad has done so much for me & my family. But not just that I find my self everyday remember all the counsels he's given me, and I'm proud to say that "drive" I have was instilled by him as a little girl growing up!! I love these TWO men soooooooo much & I'm truly greatful to my Father in Heaven for blessing me with them in life!! With that said I have my husband who lingers in the parking lot or the building till i'm out of training & my Dad who has taught nothing but to WORK for what I want!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's here.....

So it's that time family & friends to embark on this new journey with JetBlue. I start training tonite from 4pm to 12am, and I'm still working my full time shift with AMEX from 7am-330pm so this is going to be interesting. I'm pretty excited just to learn new skills, I've been with AMEX for about 5 years & I LOVE it, but its always nice to try something new. With the economy the way it is I'm just greatful I was able to find another job, espicially one with benefits like this. There is TWO big reasons I count it a BLESSING for me to start @ this airline #1 of course the flight benefits espcially for my parents & my husband. I can't wait to take day trips with Jayy & espicially with my Dad he LLLLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEESSS sea food and now I can take day trips with him around!! #2 because now I can just work @ on gas, clothes (cause you know i'll be chillen in my jami's) food, cause I'll have Jayy make my breakfast, lunch & dinner wow....what a PLUS!!
Like I said what a blessing!! So if my blogs get a little confusing it's most likely because I'm out of it....w/ a schedule that I have ahead of me lets see what is going to happen!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

What the....its MAY already?

Boy...where does the time...uh probably on my couch when I'm sitting there watching the news, or CSI, COLD CASE, MEDIUM...uh maybe it's gone in the truck when I'm running around shopping, paying bills, or better yet here @ AMEX saying the same things to my clients....REGUARDLESS it's GONE!! WoW is all I have to say!!

So the previous post is the outcome of laziness, and a bit of being confused how to fix something on this blog. So let me explain last Satruday was Dad's 74th B-Day it was funny because when my & Jayy was there in the morning to decorate his room he was wide awake watching us, but as soon as we got there for the party (later that afternoon) he was out sleeping!! Now we haven't seen Dad sleep like he did since he was @ Salt Lake Regional right after the surgery...the joke about that is we think Dad was not feeling all the buzz the day of his B-Day and we know if he were able to talk he would've ripped us one. But the party went on, a lot of good grub, good company & some tunes spinning from DJ Lehi Makoni (Dad's nephew) Nothing much since then has happened other than next Monday I'll be starting my JetBlue training for 3weeks. Woo woo...but my days Monday-Friday will be p r e t t y busy!! I work at AMEX from 7-3:30pm jump on the freeway & off I go to JetBlue from 4p.m.-12a.m. this is going to be very interesting.....other than that nothing much!! Have a good weekend everyone!!