Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Woo hoo he's OUT!!

My "Baby JaYy" & the "GENERAL" aka "INFAMOUS"
"Breed" & the "Infamous" Nic's engagement party

Back in 2007 doing a tauolunga for the HELMETS!!

Us @ SOUTHSHORE for Shannon's farewell 7/2007

Leki & Jayy @ the trail back in 2007 woo woo

One year & a few months later & he's FINALLY OUT!! I can't stop smiling!! In the pictures above you should recognize the same individual in all of them. I'm sure your also wondering who could I possibly be refering to if it isn't my handsome husband, or Dad well....its another GREAT MAN that I hold dear to me. ALEKI BLOOMFIELD!!
I've known Leki since Junior High, he was the usual typical "boy" cousin, adding his two cents here & there, buggin @ school, sometimes being intimidated by him but slowly that was grown out of. By Highschool unfortunately he became a part-time student (ha..ha..ha..) anyhow in '97 lost contact with him till about 2000 when I recieved a letter from him from prison. We kept inc contact from there through out my mission in '01-'03 all the time planning or at least attempting to do a visit but never fell through. When I returned from my mission we lost contact for about a year (my fault) but then got back on it in 2005. By this time we were actually moving on up it was phone calls so it was nice to hear him, and know that he was good. We'll through out ALL and I mean ALL that I went through, through out the years he knew about it and it was nice to let it all out. He was even the first besides my bestfriend "Banana" to know about me & his lil brother "Baby JaYy" he was the first to let me know what type of wedding I should have, the first to support me with my "secret" decision and the first to get me a wedding gift....yea can you believe that....he did request for us to wait till he got out to have our wedding BUT like most of you know we decided to surprise EVERYBODY and boy did we, and got married March 19, 2007. We kept in contact with Leki via phone till April 30 '07 when he was schedule for a release. We were the lucky ones to go and pick him up when he walked out those YUCK doors down at the point. I still remember that day I think I was nervous more than him, for one I got there late with his clothes he requested to change into booooo....i know. But all I could think about was 8 and a half years of being pinned up and now coming out to it all changed up. We had a good time with him that day. The whole summer of '07 couldn't have been any better as me & Jayy being newlyweds & spending it with Leki & the rest of the boys, and of course Shannon . All in all we never expected what was to come in '08......
2008 started off pretty good until some unfortunate events George "G-String" returned back to our Father in Heaven & Leki was sent back to prison being charged for the accident in "String's" death. It wasn't the same...all we had was the crazy, fun memories of 2007!! We kept in contact with Leki through letters & phone calls here & there but with beating the case since the tragedy he WON & he is a FREE MAN once again!! I am sooooooo HAPPY it's crazy...I hope the best for him and can't wait to see him...which will be later after I get off @ Jetblue, but I did get to talk to him and so far he's enjoying it!! Love you Leki...

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