Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

So another "mother's day" has passed, and it seems that each year as I'm getting older I think I'm FINALLY realizing how much my Mom means to me, and why all those years growing up she had repeated many counsels to me & my sisters. Of course now.....it all makes sense!!!
WOMEN period are amazing....but a MOTHER even more amazing all the things she endures. I can only pray that when the time comes for me to be a mother I will be like the MOTHER I have been blessed with. She's like a sponge...she exorbs ALL that us kids go through when we hurt she hurts, when we are happy she is to, EVERYTHING we do in this life she goes through as well, only that her HEART probably feels it ten times more!! I LOVE my mom Lesieli Ongo'govi Filimoeatu Lapu'aho she is a mother of FAITH, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, PATIENCE, HUMILITY, very very very TALENTED & more!! Along with her & her beautiful sisters Sili (Tua'tonga) Ana (Greathouse) Lupy (Misinale) and Heamoni (Tahi) I hope to posses what they ALL have because of Grandma Ilaisaane's teachings!! Love all my Mom's who have made me who I am today!!


The Finau Family said...

I love your mom, she always has such a sweet smile on her face.. What a nice picture of all of you.. You all look gorgeous..


That was such a sweet post!! Mothers are amazing sweet spirits!

Morena said...

I LOVE THE FILIMOEATU mothers strong in every way...thanks for your post ame.