Friday, May 1, 2009

What the....its MAY already?

Boy...where does the time...uh probably on my couch when I'm sitting there watching the news, or CSI, COLD CASE, MEDIUM...uh maybe it's gone in the truck when I'm running around shopping, paying bills, or better yet here @ AMEX saying the same things to my clients....REGUARDLESS it's GONE!! WoW is all I have to say!!

So the previous post is the outcome of laziness, and a bit of being confused how to fix something on this blog. So let me explain last Satruday was Dad's 74th B-Day it was funny because when my & Jayy was there in the morning to decorate his room he was wide awake watching us, but as soon as we got there for the party (later that afternoon) he was out sleeping!! Now we haven't seen Dad sleep like he did since he was @ Salt Lake Regional right after the surgery...the joke about that is we think Dad was not feeling all the buzz the day of his B-Day and we know if he were able to talk he would've ripped us one. But the party went on, a lot of good grub, good company & some tunes spinning from DJ Lehi Makoni (Dad's nephew) Nothing much since then has happened other than next Monday I'll be starting my JetBlue training for 3weeks. Woo woo...but my days Monday-Friday will be p r e t t y busy!! I work at AMEX from 7-3:30pm jump on the freeway & off I go to JetBlue from 4p.m.-12a.m. this is going to be very interesting.....other than that nothing much!! Have a good weekend everyone!!


Brian Misinale said...

Dang handle that jetblue thang!! I wish i could work at the airport, the only thing that stops me is our sucky schedule at work. oh well. congrats!!

The Finau Family said...

K cuz I didnt know you had one of these.. Hello I tried to link in when you left me a comment but no can do, and now i got here from your bebo.. Love the blogs.. Just read em all, dont worry about the drive away from your husband while he is standing there, we've all done that.. (a couple 100 times..) LOL..
Love ya sis