Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dad's BIG 74 B-Day

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What we take for granted sometimes...

So Jayy was a little excited to walk so close the to the temple he clicked to take the pix and i wasn't even ready.

This pix was taken while watching the movie LEGACY Jayy was imitating David Walker in the "sawing the log" part to WIN the dance with the girl in the movie (forgot her name) I had asked Jayy if he would do that for me & he said YUP & started to imitate him!! lol

This picture of the white dress was worn by Bringham Young's daughter Clariss (i think thats how you spell her name)

Inside the "Beehive house" Bringham Young's suit on display

This is when we got there to the city. Jayy could not get over how BEAUTIFUL the TEMPLE is at this view!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So they say it's my TRADEMARK....

A quick funny post!! I've been told that getting my nails & toes done up are my TRADEMARK!! Funny thing is that is pretty much what everyone does know me by. A lot of people may say its a waste of money, and I could see why they say that espicially at this time BUT to me its important to make sure I don't LOOSE what I love to do for myself because I'm a firm believer once you let yourself really gooooooooo!! Anyhow here are just some random pix's of my nails the styles & color of course are constantly changing. My latest set though which is the TOP picture is my favorite right now. Love my new nail tech she's the BEST & to top it off she speaks ENGLISH, oh yea & she don't try to add her little extra tips on top of what I pay her!! So here's to ALL the nail salons I've walked into for the past 13years & I'm sure till I drop will be when I finally STOP!!

So I was debating or not if I should blog this & I finally made up my mind to just let it go. It's part of the "progression" process...thats a good one. Ok so like I stated with the previous post me & Jayy had a good Friday nite, and Saturday morning was looking good. It was the usual routine slept in till about 8:30am or so, cleaned, watched some TV and then....there goes that "booming" it gets louder & louder and now it has just stopped infront of our's now about 11am who else "booms" that loud & this early in the day? Guess who? No SURPRISE it's Jayy's brother's (friends) who happen to be my cousins. Anyhow I being the nice wife that I am, and also not really wanting to hang out with them at the apartment I let Jayy go with them. We decide to meet up about 5-6pm for my 1st cousins daughters b-day. So off Jayy goes, and off I go getting ready to do what we do best (me & my sisters) watch some RUGBY!!
Anyhow to get to the point before i end up blogging a few pages. Jayy tells me where he's at to go get him to go to the b-day party. We find him and we're waiting & waiting & waiting for him. Now to us it felt like 10-20minutes (us meaning me & my sisters) at this point I'm getting a little irritated...I mean how hard is it to put the bottle down, say bye and walk to the truck? Obviously a little to hard for Jayy. So before he could even reach the fence...uh I had busted a "U" and yelled out the window something very unappropriate to share on this, and drove off & left. Yup...I left "Baby jayy" standing there like an idiot infront of his friends as I was driving "bye...bye..." I know I know what you all must be thinking!! Anyhow "Baby Jayy" must've called me like 10times & each time I kept hanging up on him, and telling him I'm not going to pick him up!! So to make a long interesting story SHORT.....guess what happened? He showed up to the B-Day party & gave me his sad story!! No but really it was sad.....I couldn't believe I left him like that. How easy I let myself get lost in my ignorant prideful ways. Yea..I know he could've hurried it up a little, but how hard was it for me to tell him to hurry rather than to BEEP...BEEP "Bye you mother......" yea I have a lot of growing up to do!! Anyhow as usual Jayy accepted my apology & I accepted his but now I realize how sometimes I make small things big!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My comment on BEBO "Sometimes I just want to punch my husband in his face"

So Tuesday night I was so annoyed by my husband & so I logged on BEBO through my phone & left the comment......

"Sometimes I just want to punch my husband in his face!"

Now I really wanted to say......

"Sometimes I just want to stab my husband in his neck!"

Big difference huh? Now what could cause a women like me to say either of those statements let alone to think it? We'll here I go with another one of my "justifications" on that. Now don't get me wrong Jayy is truly ONE of A KIND & of course I still LLLOOOOVVVVEEE him!! But boy......I am often reminded he is still.....a M A N!! So he forgets his "common senses" sometime & thank goodness I'm there to "hit" it back in place!! Like I'm sure you already know we've only been married for 2 years & I can HONESTLY say Tuesday night was the WORSE arguement we have gotten into. I should say the worse arguement that I got MYSELF into. Isn't it like us women, well let me just speak for myself....isn't it like me to want to YELL for FREE even though he just admitted he was wrong & that he's sorry, and blah blah blah...its just not good enough!! Nope I have to keep going on & on & on about what an idiot he is & blah blah blah...and then maybe a few hours, or in our case a night later I calmed down.....sucked it up & LET IT GO!!! So in other words it wasn't anything BIG I think I just take after my Mother sometimes & really know how to belittle my poor husband with what ever mistake he makes. I'm soooooooooooo BLESSED that he is very HUMBLE, & VERY VERY PATIENT with me!! I know I have a lot to work on, espicially that of my dumb immature comments & THOUGHTS!! I LOVE you my "BABY JAYY" & I know with out a DOUBT Satan does LIVE and knows what we HAVE is GOOD & is there to stray us from accomplishing what we have planned!! So there you have it family & friends my lil explanation of my lil dur comment!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So last night I was watching that show "Medium" hope i spelt that right where the main character (don't know her name) can predict homicides or murders...dang I suck but anyhow before her show ended she quoted this about "TIME" & I LOVE the way it was put....of course I didn't memorize it but came into work jumped online & found it online on NBC.COM Gotta love the internet!! Ok it goes like this.....
"TIME...something PRICELESS yet is costs NOTHING, you can do anything with it BUT you can't OWN it! You can spend it BUT you can't KEEP it! And once you've LOST IT...there is NO getting it back!! It's just GONE!"
How about I texted this to my husband and follow right behind the quote was this....."STOP wasting my TIME" I know I know I'm a witch BUT I beg to differ sometimes you have make MEN realize "common sense" things. <-----I learned that from my Mother one of her many life lessons she's counsled me & my sisters on!! Besides all that...I'm hoping to make some adjustments in my life to make sure my TIME is used wisely with no regrets or "what if's or could'ves" and so on!! Time will tell....

Monday, April 13, 2009

So we finished Easter Sunday @ Mark & Stacy's house with freekin EGG's galore for the three lil ones. Sam & Kelly's family were camping over the weekend so they weren't with us. But there was so many eggs that even Aunty Ruby had a basket to get some eggs......the size fit her!! Anyhow it was a nice beautiful day with family & eggs!! Hope everyone had a good one & enjoyed yesturdays BEAUTIFUL weather!!
Of course Easter & FAMILY TIME. After church we went over to Mom (Makoni side) and Ita & Seni had the food ready for us. So we had our lil easter egg hunt with the lil momma's & afterwards grubbed on some GOOD GRUB!! Afterwards we all made our way to visit Dad. It's always good to be with family where ever it may be & for what ever reason!! Love my husbands side espicially the lil kids!!


Saturday we of course got ready to watch some RRRUUUGGGBBYYYY!!!! Yea you can always count on my & my sisters to attend a good RUGBY GAME!! Obvious the reasons I attend are much different (being that I have my rugby play Jayy). But just the sport itself is a lot. If there is a SPORT that can define a TRUE MAN I must say its this sport!! My Dad would say "if you don't play rugby your a mahu" yea...that would probably be why his daughters are so caught up in that sport cause BOY does the MAN (in most players) come out!! Despite the RAIN & the COLD we went & watched my brothers team SPARTANS & his old team HAGGIS play and that was a GOOD GAME well worth being out there in the rain & the cold!! Haggis put up a good game BUTT....SPARTANS put up the fight with them!!

Easter 2009 SALT concert, RUGBY, EASTER EGG HUNT, & BBQ's

So this weekend was pretty busy!! The photo below is of Lu & some random palangi guy the S.A.L.T concert Friday nite. They had a raffle & I swear he won like 3-4 prizes till he had to leave & before he did he came up to Lu & said that before he goes there would no one else he'd rather give his "winning" tickets to any but a HOT MOMMA like her.....what the...but no joke sure enough the next time they read them raffle tickets 3 of them WON!! Sad because Lu had to give up the Park City one night stay to me & Jayy...for OBVIOUS reasons...I mean who is she going to go up there with? And for what huh? ha...ha...ha...j/p But we had a lot of fun @ this concert. Some can say what they want but you can't KNOCK programs that are out there to help our youth & adults out!! They had a lot of Utah reps there like the mayor, the West Valley rep to woo woo Mrs. Robles (don't know her first name) Kontiki, ManaPoly, and a lot of local artist rep'd and we do have a lot of TALENT out here!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter weekend!! I cant help but remember when all 7 of us kids (me & my siblings) would wake up on Easter Sunday to baskets my Mom would fill up with lots of gooooodddies!! Of course her Princess Sam would have the biggest basket!! Anyhow times are different now, but that is something I DO hope to carry out when I have my kids. The simple baskets filled to the top, and the lesson of the GREATEST gift of that The RESSURECTION of our Savior Jesus Christ....priceless!! Nothing better to follow the General Conference of last weekend w/ Easter weekend!! I hope what ever plans you may have with your families it is filled with memories to last for eternity!! And freek hopefully I'll get the hang of this like i do with BEBO to tie up with my friends & family. So if you can help a sister out like my dear sis Silia (Iongi Tribe) I'd really appreciate it!! HAPPY EASTER hope the BUNNY stops by with lots of TREATS & some SUN!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A contagious smile.......

So this is "Baby JaYy" my husband...of course!! Anyhow isn't his smile the BEST!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE when he smiles...he doesn't look so mean, or like his lil "gang" member friends weh...i mean his "tokoua's", nor does he look like the "animal" or monster some people may know him or heard of him as....nope as cute as you see him in this as CUTE as he is in PERSON seriously!! The few times I ran into him before I became his little "girly-friend" for the LONG WHOPING 28days & then I became the ONLY Mrs. Nydegger...I didn't think he was that nice, nor did i really care. All I knew about "Baby jaYy" was he got out of DRAPER (COLLEGE...the POINT) back in March '06....and that he was at hit agian with his lil "toko's". Anyhow that ALL changed obviously on Feb 21, 07 yea...this SMILE is what got me!! Ha..ha..ok and maybe a little more. Anyhow I wanted to blog about his smile & how contagious it is because YESTURDAY was a sorry day for the both of us. One thing lead to another and this & that and I ended up wanting to STAB him yup you read right STAB him (must be my momma's blood) no but I really did!! Anyhow "Baby JaYy" as usual never FAILS to amaze me. About 12n after I told him & texted to not pick me up & blah blah this & that I hung up on him!! Didn't answer his calls, nor text and thinking I was doing so good about 3:20pm I get a text from him stating "I'll be there in a few minutes" and of course I reply " For what, I don't want you to come you $#%@$#%#!(!!!" yea sad....and I stayed inside of work!! So I get another text..."Hey LOVE...I'll be waiting out here for you okay!" and this time I decided to be just a little bit nicer & replied "we'll you'll be waiting for a long time" & I took my time inside....about a half hour rolls by....and I get another text "I'm still out here" & being that i was getting a little hungry & tired of just sitting inside...duh like anyone else would come get me if they knew Jayy was outside this whole time....i decided to text back a nicer comment "Ok i'm coming out in just a sec" & this was his sad reply "Ok dang I thought you busted a sneaky & left out the side door or something" when I read that I couldnt help but laugh, & so I SWALLOWED that freekin PRIDE of mines and mademy way out. Now you think I would STOP being the little witch that i can be sometimes BUT NOPE....I walked out & walked straight to passenger door, got in & sat down. "Baby JaYy" just laughed & pulled out, asking the usual "How was work?" and I just shrugged my shoulders & sat there out my window. Now picture this a grown A$$ women sitting behind her husband as he's driving trying to make conversation. I swear....anyhow we get home & I wait for him to get out because of course I have places to go...(yea right) he gets out & rather than get out & walk to the driver seat...what do i do...pretend I'm skinny and crawl to the front. Ok now we have an expedi it's big but still for me to climb over...its not BIG ENOUGH!! Anyhow I make it to the front & while I'm trying to get all comfy before I can shut the door...who manages to run back to get me....uh yea "Baby JaYy" & with that you think I lasted being a WITCH? Probably for about 2-3 seconds & then I busted a's coming...a freekin SMILE w/ a lil girls giggle!! It never fails his SMILE will crack the inner most monster...witch....what ever you wish to call me THAT SMILE breaks me DOWN!! I LOVE Baby JaYy & thank my Father in Heaven for BLESSING me with such a KIND....PATIENT man!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This is a SPECIAL post because it's about a SPECIAL MAN!! My Dad the GOLDEN BEAR!! Yesturday my Dad was admitted to the IHC. He suffered a minor heart attack, only thing i was told from my Mom & sisters is the past few nights he has a hard time sleeping or laying down, but I also found out last night for the last month he has been having a hard time breathing. Where the HELL have I been.....HOI!! Anyhow he stayed the nite up at the hospital so they can moniter his heart. I know I know everyone has the BEST Dad, you'd have to be an ignorant person if you don't recoginize someone special like your DAD. My Dad there is sooooooooo many things about this man that I can go on & on about. But one example of a GREAT FATHER is when I chose to get married to my husband. Now just think of raising a daughter like me....a BRATT one who got away with a lot. I had been of my mission for about 4years, working two jobs, to busy for church, home & family just doing me. At the time I was the only one working for my parents, and the two babies of the famil were out serving missions. On a Friday nite well actually a Saturday early in the morning my Dad couldn't go to sleep why? Because I wasn't home & he knew I should've been. We'll to cut it short I talked to my Dad later that Saturday afternoon only to confirm to him my decision of getting married!! Uh yea and get a MAN he had never met, and then when he did realize who he was all my Dad remembered was working with Jason's Dad & the horror stories about him & prison and all that good stuff. Can you imagine the HEARTACHE my Dad must've felt.......BUT you could've never have noticed when they met for the first time. Dad was ALL SMILES like literally.....and was always the POSITIVE support for me & Jayy from day one!! I LOVE THIS MAN w/ all my HEART & my wish & dream in this life is to make him happy...I know he will get better!! Love you Dad!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

"A Home should be as sacred as the TEMPLE"

A temple...a HOLY TEMPLE!! Sad to say but I can't remember the Elder's name that spoke about it...but I'll find out when the Ensign comes out. This past General Conference was like said about ALL of the past ones...SIMPLY the BEST!! We stayed home Saturday & Sunday and watched the sessions. All of the talks hit me in ALL aspects of my life, but like always there is something that hits you right in the HEART!! And for me it was the talks on TEMPLE's the importance of attending, of remember our covenants, the blessings we recieve there....EVERYTHING that could be said about HOLY TEMPLES was said. ALL of it hitting home for me!! There is no way I can really explain the way I feel when I'm on temple grounds or inside that HOLY PLACE, the thoughts, the peace, reflecting on what TRUE HAPPIENESS is and where I can be reminded of where I'm headed. I don't want to ruin the talk that I heard infact I think it was two talks back to back that I loved. So I'll just end with this.....I WILL be back in that HOLY PLACE this year!! One statement that was said & that I will strive to accomplish is this "Our HOMES is as sacred & can only compare to that of a HOLY TEMPLE"....what the...sorry boys can't come over anymore with that rubbish & that is probably why I haven't decorated my I can hear this talk & make sure all the decor's or pictures leave that type of immpresion a HOLY HOME..where one can come and feel of his SPIRIT!!


So this picture was taken @ the YSA Saturday nite skit/dance. was the YSA thing but being that our Stake did a AWESOME job with there country PAKASTAN (hope i spelt that right) dance number....we HAD to see it agian. There are a feel people missing the picture like my Mom who is behind Morena thought she was to cool to be in the picture..ha...ha..j/p I think she was tired. Later in the night the beautiful Sinai & Big Momma Sipola joined us!! Love my sisters & greatful to have them ALL in my life!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well before I head out for the weekend, yup I get a FOUR day weekend!! Thank goodness!! I usually set it up that way every 6months. Everybody knows being "spiritually fed" can take a toll on you & that I am meaning in a GOOD & REALLY NEEDED WAY!! Whats all the hustle & bustle about well...families coming in from out of town, new faces out & about, downtown is crowded with suits & sunday best attire, resturaunts filled, and the list goes on & on!! It's GENERAL CONFERENCE woo hoo time for some REALITY CHECK PLEASE!! Love this time...nothing beats hearing the leaders of the church reveal what our Father in Heaven is in need of from us. Nothing beats the counsels, the tips, the lessons just ALL of it to help us in this crazy world we all are living. Nothing beats being REMINDED WHERE & WHAT NEEDS to be DONE to feel & reap the ETERNAL BLESSINGS!! Can you feel my excitement? Ha..ha..I LOVE this time if you can't tell already!! So my schedule this week & I share this now because I wont be able to blog till Monday (being we are limited on funds & do not have a computer @ home) Tonight it's kids nite at our place Moala Si'i, Silia Leka, & Benson will be spending the nite. Tomorrow is all day field trips with Aunty Ame or "TIA" & Uncle Jayy then drop offs back to there real parents about 5ish or 6ish & then just maybe I'll hangout with my husband & his oh so "cool friends" can be fun sometime. But then Saturday a sleep in till about 9am get up & get ready & then by 10am THE FIRST SESSION woo hoo its on....we might take a little break & watch brother Mark play some RUGBY woo hoo SPARTANS whip some STEELERS butts!! And then continue with conference or whats left for Saturdays session. That night the YA with TRI Stakes have some talent night & the baby sis of the family Lupy & Yvette will be performing so we'll have to go support that!! Now Sunday the best...go to the TEMPLE and find a nice spot to watch Sunday's session. During the lunch break find a nice quiet good spot to have lunch with all the family that meet up with us, and then later that evening just reflect on what needs to be adjusted in our lives and for the next 6months try our HARDEST to apply it!! We'll thats my novel for now...till Monday everyone have a good weekend and enjoy General Conference!!


HHHOoooooiiiii....(sigh....) so court is done with....for today at least!!! Unfortunately the prosecuter (she) somehow found two other cases to throw against us..BOOOOOO!! So she says all she needs is the end of this week and if there is NOTHING she can build her case on with the two charges she found Sam then they'll DISMISS the case!! But if she does find something then we are to be continued till June 2nd urgh....regaurdless you take what you can espically when you really have no control over it, and we'll enjoy our time till we find out more!! So for now "Bruno" is out and still free with us!! Thank goodness for his annoying lawyer!! Until then family and friends we can all sit back and BBBRRREEEAAATTTHHHEEE!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are you serious....MONOPOLY

Yea are you serious...does my husband look like he'd be into playing MONOPOLY? We'll guess what....if they needed a spokesperson for the game he would definately be the PERFECT ONE TO DO IT!! So this pix was taken on the 3rd day of playing, yea the 3rd day!! When we first brought the game home (courtesy of the Pauni family) I have to admit I was pretty excited but then...HOLY talk about COMPETITIVE!! At first I was winning I mean technically I still am I have most of the property, a "FREE" get out of JAIL CARD, and some "ends" so i'm not doing to bad, but then came the 2nd day and "Baby JaYy" had his "game face" on BOOOOOOOOOO so yea he is up on the "ends" portion but the game is still going. Luckily I was able to put the game away in our bedroom closet (for now) , out of sigt because for that last few days it was chillin in the living room waiting & waiting for us to take it out. In the picture you can see "Baby Jayy's" set up...yea only he can set his stuff up & leave me to the corner...ha..ha..jerk!! J/P No but our little tournament is pretty fun!! I just never would've known that a MAN like my HUSBAND would enjoy it the way he does...but then again he's not just an ORDINARY type of MAN!! Thats one of the MANY qualities that I LOVE of him is he's a "kid at heart" and you can NEVER GROW TO OLD to enjoy that!!