Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009 SALT concert, RUGBY, EASTER EGG HUNT, & BBQ's

So this weekend was pretty busy!! The photo below is of Lu & some random palangi guy the S.A.L.T concert Friday nite. They had a raffle & I swear he won like 3-4 prizes till he had to leave & before he did he came up to Lu & said that before he goes there would no one else he'd rather give his "winning" tickets to any but a HOT MOMMA like her.....what the...but no joke sure enough the next time they read them raffle tickets 3 of them WON!! Sad because Lu had to give up the Park City one night stay to me & Jayy...for OBVIOUS reasons...I mean who is she going to go up there with? And for what huh? ha...ha...ha...j/p But we had a lot of fun @ this concert. Some can say what they want but you can't KNOCK programs that are out there to help our youth & adults out!! They had a lot of Utah reps there like the mayor, the West Valley rep to woo woo Mrs. Robles (don't know her first name) Kontiki, ManaPoly, and a lot of local artist rep'd and we do have a lot of TALENT out here!!

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