Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well before I head out for the weekend, yup I get a FOUR day weekend!! Thank goodness!! I usually set it up that way every 6months. Everybody knows being "spiritually fed" can take a toll on you & that I am meaning in a GOOD & REALLY NEEDED WAY!! Whats all the hustle & bustle about well...families coming in from out of town, new faces out & about, downtown is crowded with suits & sunday best attire, resturaunts filled, and the list goes on & on!! It's GENERAL CONFERENCE woo hoo time for some REALITY CHECK PLEASE!! Love this time...nothing beats hearing the leaders of the church reveal what our Father in Heaven is in need of from us. Nothing beats the counsels, the tips, the lessons just ALL of it to help us in this crazy world we all are living. Nothing beats being REMINDED WHERE & WHAT NEEDS to be DONE to feel & reap the ETERNAL BLESSINGS!! Can you feel my excitement? Ha..ha..I LOVE this time if you can't tell already!! So my schedule this week & I share this now because I wont be able to blog till Monday (being we are limited on funds & do not have a computer @ home) Tonight it's kids nite at our place Moala Si'i, Silia Leka, & Benson will be spending the nite. Tomorrow is all day field trips with Aunty Ame or "TIA" & Uncle Jayy then drop offs back to there real parents about 5ish or 6ish & then just maybe I'll hangout with my husband & his oh so "cool friends" can be fun sometime. But then Saturday a sleep in till about 9am get up & get ready & then by 10am THE FIRST SESSION woo hoo its on....we might take a little break & watch brother Mark play some RUGBY woo hoo SPARTANS whip some STEELERS butts!! And then continue with conference or whats left for Saturdays session. That night the YA with TRI Stakes have some talent night & the baby sis of the family Lupy & Yvette will be performing so we'll have to go support that!! Now Sunday the best...go to the TEMPLE and find a nice spot to watch Sunday's session. During the lunch break find a nice quiet good spot to have lunch with all the family that meet up with us, and then later that evening just reflect on what needs to be adjusted in our lives and for the next 6months try our HARDEST to apply it!! We'll thats my novel for now...till Monday everyone have a good weekend and enjoy General Conference!!

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man sis I was so worried about the weather and it ended up bein a great day to go!!! oh well next time for sure!!! isnt it so refreshing though to hear "hope" from the leaders thru this economic craziness!!!