Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What we take for granted sometimes...

So Jayy was a little excited to walk so close the to the temple he clicked to take the pix and i wasn't even ready.

This pix was taken while watching the movie LEGACY Jayy was imitating David Walker in the "sawing the log" part to WIN the dance with the girl in the movie (forgot her name) I had asked Jayy if he would do that for me & he said YUP & started to imitate him!! lol

This picture of the white dress was worn by Bringham Young's daughter Clariss (i think thats how you spell her name)

Inside the "Beehive house" Bringham Young's suit on display

This is when we got there to the city. Jayy could not get over how BEAUTIFUL the TEMPLE is at this view!!


Haloti and Sinai said...

What a fun day!!! You two are so cute!

Speredon Family said...

Hello I was just wondering if you have a cousin that is named Jake Speredon cause he does have a poly cousin that is a Nydegger which my Husband is a Nydegger by his mother side, so I was wondering if your his cousin, because if it is true Jake will be happy to see that your doing good. please email me if its true or blog me? jhsperedon@blogspot