Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are you serious....MONOPOLY

Yea are you serious...does my husband look like he'd be into playing MONOPOLY? We'll guess what....if they needed a spokesperson for the game he would definately be the PERFECT ONE TO DO IT!! So this pix was taken on the 3rd day of playing, yea the 3rd day!! When we first brought the game home (courtesy of the Pauni family) I have to admit I was pretty excited but then...HOLY talk about COMPETITIVE!! At first I was winning I mean technically I still am I have most of the property, a "FREE" get out of JAIL CARD, and some "ends" so i'm not doing to bad, but then came the 2nd day and "Baby JaYy" had his "game face" on BOOOOOOOOOO so yea he is up on the "ends" portion but the game is still going. Luckily I was able to put the game away in our bedroom closet (for now) , out of sigt because for that last few days it was chillin in the living room waiting & waiting for us to take it out. In the picture you can see "Baby Jayy's" set up...yea only he can set his stuff up & leave me to the corner...ha..ha..jerk!! J/P No but our little tournament is pretty fun!! I just never would've known that a MAN like my HUSBAND would enjoy it the way he does...but then again he's not just an ORDINARY type of MAN!! Thats one of the MANY qualities that I LOVE of him is he's a "kid at heart" and you can NEVER GROW TO OLD to enjoy that!!

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that's too cute sis!!! how fun