Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This is a SPECIAL post because it's about a SPECIAL MAN!! My Dad the GOLDEN BEAR!! Yesturday my Dad was admitted to the IHC. He suffered a minor heart attack, only thing i was told from my Mom & sisters is the past few nights he has a hard time sleeping or laying down, but I also found out last night for the last month he has been having a hard time breathing. Where the HELL have I been.....HOI!! Anyhow he stayed the nite up at the hospital so they can moniter his heart. I know I know everyone has the BEST Dad, you'd have to be an ignorant person if you don't recoginize someone special like your DAD. My Dad there is sooooooooo many things about this man that I can go on & on about. But one example of a GREAT FATHER is when I chose to get married to my husband. Now just think of raising a daughter like me....a BRATT one who got away with a lot. I had been of my mission for about 4years, working two jobs, to busy for church, home & family just doing me. At the time I was the only one working for my parents, and the two babies of the famil were out serving missions. On a Friday nite well actually a Saturday early in the morning my Dad couldn't go to sleep why? Because I wasn't home & he knew I should've been. We'll to cut it short I talked to my Dad later that Saturday afternoon only to confirm to him my decision of getting married!! Uh yea and get this......to a MAN he had never met, and then when he did realize who he was all my Dad remembered was working with Jason's Dad & the horror stories about him & prison and all that good stuff. Can you imagine the HEARTACHE my Dad must've felt.......BUT you could've never have noticed when they met for the first time. Dad was ALL SMILES like literally.....and was always the POSITIVE support for me & Jayy from day one!! I LOVE THIS MAN w/ all my HEART & my wish & dream in this life is to make him happy...I know he will get better!! Love you Dad!!

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