Monday, April 6, 2009

"A Home should be as sacred as the TEMPLE"

A temple...a HOLY TEMPLE!! Sad to say but I can't remember the Elder's name that spoke about it...but I'll find out when the Ensign comes out. This past General Conference was like said about ALL of the past ones...SIMPLY the BEST!! We stayed home Saturday & Sunday and watched the sessions. All of the talks hit me in ALL aspects of my life, but like always there is something that hits you right in the HEART!! And for me it was the talks on TEMPLE's the importance of attending, of remember our covenants, the blessings we recieve there....EVERYTHING that could be said about HOLY TEMPLES was said. ALL of it hitting home for me!! There is no way I can really explain the way I feel when I'm on temple grounds or inside that HOLY PLACE, the thoughts, the peace, reflecting on what TRUE HAPPIENESS is and where I can be reminded of where I'm headed. I don't want to ruin the talk that I heard infact I think it was two talks back to back that I loved. So I'll just end with this.....I WILL be back in that HOLY PLACE this year!! One statement that was said & that I will strive to accomplish is this "Our HOMES is as sacred & can only compare to that of a HOLY TEMPLE"....what the...sorry boys can't come over anymore with that rubbish & that is probably why I haven't decorated my I can hear this talk & make sure all the decor's or pictures leave that type of immpresion a HOLY HOME..where one can come and feel of his SPIRIT!!

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