Monday, June 22, 2009

**A new ADDITION Baby Sampeni Lapu'aho**

He's here!! He's here!! The latest addition to the Lapu'aho Grandkids is Baby Sampeni WELCOME lil man!! Baby Sam was born when majority of our family was out of town, but that didn't stop the lil man!! This is the 7th Grandson for my parents, and the 1st son to my lil brother Siope Tevita & his beautiful wifey Kariana who were sealed last year August. Congrats you two and kisses to my brand new nephew!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


This is my lil sister Mino & Pepe Kofe's oldest son Mekiloni Benson Kofe he turned 3yrs. old today!! This lil man is ONE of a KIND!! For one he's the first kid out of us girls woo....woo...and the craziest thing he LOVES my HUSBAND like NO OTHER!! Everything is "my Uncle JayY" forget about me his Aunty it's his "Uncle Jayy" that can do and be EVERYTHING!! We LOVE YOU Benson and may the Lord continue to bless you with the good health, and that SMART lil brain of yours to progress and succeed into a MAN that would be pleasing to the LORD!! Uma....and can't wait to PARTY for your BIRTHDAY!!

**I HATE that feeling**

So I'm not sure if I mentioned on our little trip to SFO I had a toothache but I numbed that mother with some percocet pills of Jayy's. (From his busted wrist incident) Anyhow the first time I took wonder people get hooked on them....not that I would I HATE pills but if you all feel the way I feel when you have a TOOTHACHE boy do you just HATE the WORLD and everyone in it cause there feeling all good...but me urgh....if I was brave enough I would just punch my tooth out!!
Anyhow it was all right because of the pills till I got home and boy Saturday, Sunday & then Monday OMG I could not handle it...espicially cause now there was no more percocet to take BOOOOOo....holy freeking "druggie" anyhow I set up an dentist appt and so I was set for Tuesday @ 7:45am. So I had my tooth extracted & found out that I will need to do a root canal geeze....but thats on standby for a minute. So after my toothe was pulled my Dentist gave me a presription for Penicillin I went and filled it and waited patiently till I started to fill the numbing go away & wanted to time it right to take it so the pain would go about I took like 4-5 pills. We'll make a long story short cause I usually make them to long. Lupy had sprained her ankle and was needing some pain killers so I gave her my Penicillin & told her to take like 2-3pills, I also informed her that it would probably make her stomach upset & cause her to visit the restroom. (if you know what I mean) Anyhow come to find out yesturday Lupy called my cousin Yvette for some pain killers because the pills (Penicillin) I gave her wasn't working...we'll when Yvette asked what they were of course Lupy explained to her it was penicillin and it was from my Dentist visit we'll guess what...which I'm sure ALL of you already know PENICILLION is a freekin ANTIBIOTIC...what the? And that is probably why I became sick after Tuesday from taking so much PENICILLION thinking they were preventing me from feeling pain!! HOI......

Thursday, June 18, 2009

**HaPPy BirthDay Lupeni "LionKing" Iongi**

Poor Lu didn't even get to blow his own b-day candles.

Getting ready to start!!

The INFAMOUS CAKE (made by Oto Tuiaki)

As usual the IONGI's know how to throw a party....we were invited to my sis Silia's husbands surprise B-Day party and boy did we have a BLAST!! Jayy has this thing with calling his lil crew "OUTLAWS" = the "INLAWS" so of course he was determined to be there for Lu!! We'll I mentioned below how he thinks I'm the BEST at everything & anything I do UNTIL he saw the CAKE....boy did he have comopliments for Silia...Jayy is the biggest UTAH JAZZ & BYU fan and boy this cake just made his B-Day suck...ha..ha...he fell in LOVE with the cake. He though he was even more special when Lu gave him part of his sleeve of the jersey....and guess what he did...he brought it to my Dad (cause he LOVES BYU too) hoi..this man cracks me up!! No but shout out to the IONGI's thank you for the GOOD GOOD GRUB, the BEST COMPANY, & of course the best SHOW ever put together the IONGI TRIPLETS reppin that VAINI side for the trip to TONGA ...okay and reppin that TOKOMALOLO side to...LOVE you IONGI's!!

**HaPPy BiRtHDaY MY "Baby JaYy"**

Getting his texts message 4 his B-Day

The wind is not my friend!!

I know it's been so long....we're back!! So we took off to SFO last Weds June 10 and came back on June 12th (Jayy's B-Day) it was such a needed time away!! The last time we went on a little "mini" get away was last year over July 4th to Las Vegas & that was a lot of FUN, and this lil visit was even better. Its nice to get away from everything espicially seems that is all we do is it's up to one to make time & room to relax, breath & enjoy what you work hard for everyday!! It wasn't all that I wanted planned for my husband to show or let him know how much I appreciate him BUT it's the thought that counts right? And well with this man that I have been blessed with ANYTHING I do is the BEST in his eyes....until...(next blog I will share that) But that would be a recommendation to ANYONE that cares...a nice little trip or break away from work, daily routines and so on helps refresh one. I think the best of our trip besides being away somewhere we both are not familiar with is the whole "adventerous" part of it, making mistakes and laughing about it, learning together, and realizing how much that other person you call your husband or wife knows you inside out!! Of course all those that are "Team Jayy" know how much my Dad loves this man...the cutest thing parents & sisters were in Ontario for my family reunion the same time. Nothing beats this....when it hit June 12 @ 12:00a.m. the first text rang thru and it was Jayy's older sister Elsie wishing her lil brother a Happy Birthday, and then texts from his "tokoua's" my sisters or random friends BUT the best of it all @ about 6a.m. the FIRST phone call ......

Jayy: Hello

Dad: Jason

Jayy: Hey Dad

Dad: Oh just call wish you Happy Birthday

Jayy: Thanks Dad.....(continued conversation)

Who does that? What father in law calls there son in law on his birthday? Just the "Golden Bear" and of course for his #1 my husband!! HOI all in all it was a good little trip!! Love my husband!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

When it RAINS it POURS but.......

After the STORM the earth is "refreshed & cleansed"!! By the pictures below our "last nite" at our apartment & we decided to leave with a bang<----we'll at least the boys wanted to.

So by my post title "when it RAINS it POURS" of course that's in reference with what we go through sometimes in life. After the whole "tazer" issue with Jayy I was telling my supervisor about the incident only to get a call from Jayy that day when he was picking up our truck from the impound that our right side mirror was hanging off. Ok we'll on my police reports it states very clearly NO DAMAGES on the vehicle being impounded, on the portion from the towing company when they picked up the truck NO DAMAGES & when they were taking it that day there was NO what the *^%$# is going on? So I call the towing place the guy there is an IDIOT!! The owners of the towing company have NO PROTOCOLS when a vehicle is damaged by them ..... like let me see..... when your driver tries to climb off a vehicle and thinks the side mirror can hold his damn body, or when you have yard you take these vehilces that are being released to your posses ion & you have no type of INSURANCE to cover your mui WHEN SOMETHING happens!! Urgh....he is sooooooo LUCKY I don't want my husband to go back to prison cause otherwise I would send him to his "rented" yard & give him something to "cry" about!! Don't use KING FISH TOWING they SUCK!!

Ok did that just confuse you? Anyhow during the whole trying to get that done & situated....we decided to move back to my parents & that decision was helped with the fact that our landlord....bless complaints from our neighbors about the noise, the cops and probably the tongan boys they saw around our front yard just hanging out....and so on & we were notified she was raising the rent or we can cut our lease sooner.... boooo......and these are the neighbors that my poor husband talks to when he sees them outside...and all along they didn't even like us...we'll there LOSS ....j/p I was pretty bummed but I couldn't blame them we didn't really fit in the little "cozy" neighborhood. When I got the call from Jayy about this news I couldn't even stay at work (JetBlue) all I could think about was being by Jayy. Was this really happening? Where would we be able to find an apartment this cheap, two bedrooms, close to my parents, and in the Valley? NO WHERE!!

Anyhow before I got home I get a call from my sister Mino and I'm just in tears TRIPPEN much to deal with & then what she said to me next calmed me...she had told me Jayy had called her not knowing what to do, and feeling bad & what she told him (cause she knows me so well) she told Jayy "Just let her go off on you..." <-----yea what an advice!! But she was right that's what I needed, when I got home off I went with "if you would just...." but "no all you want to do is ....." and "now what...Jayy" I started from the music bumping cause Jayy & his friends think there music they listen to is what ALL my neighbors like to relax to, or like the "tazer" incident my neighbors love the "flashing lights" and barking dogs, or our family that usually consist of me & him becomes me, him and a few more "sons". Do I sound a little irritated? We'll in all honesty I WAS<-----but not no more!! I've realized you have to take the "bad" with the "good", or like my Dad puts it after a trial, and the test of ones faith.....comes the blessing, and really I LOVE all the boys & wouldn't have changed our stay in our apartment for anything!! So after my lil tantrum with my poor husband....I sucked it up and realized what I SHOULD be grateful for! Just appreciate the last 6months that I had in this cute, cheap apartment to call me & Jayy's "first home" together. Take the memories that were made there. I also realized (this last past Friday from the movie UP) to look at "trials" that one may have in life & face it with an "adventurous" mind frame...I know it may seem weird reading it but watching that little movie made soooooo much sense! So with this little move, and the farewell to our little apartment and like we've come to realize is this is just another chapter in our "interesting" book of life ending, and yet another chapter to begin!! I have looked at us moving...which is back to my parents (thank goodness for them) as a blessing...being the oldest girl I feel that it would be my spot to help them out right now, and be close to my Dad also the $$$$ we will get to save, and pay off some bills, nothing beats time with my sisters & parents at home...although Mino & her cutie lil troop will be moving out to there new spot, me, Lu & Ana will be together & I know my Dad's loving it cause his #1 will be home with him ha..ha...that would be me & Jay !! All in all its sad to say goodbye...but I'm excited for what lies ahead for me & Jayy and maybe next time the next lil home we'll call our own will be a HOUSE big enough for me & Jayy and all our "extra" vehicles & "sons"!! So let it rain & pour because I'm ready for the "rainbow" and the "refreshing, cleansing" feeling at the end of the STORM!!

Our last nite....

Leki, Kia & Jerry our last night.... Nothing distracts them....uh EXCEPT...

Another one of the boys & Shannon

Shannon watching the boys play games.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The baby Folau...

Most people aren't aware that I have first cousins on my Dad's side only because there is just one of my Dad's sibilings that live state side. Along with the fact that we grew up with my Mom's side (Filimoeatu's) since my parents left the islands to come to the U.S.

Anyhow when we were younger my Dad's older brother Uncle Saia came down to the U.S. and lived with us. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this man, when I think of him my eyes get all teary. This man is such a humble man, and soooooo loving. He used to take care of me & my brothers & sisters when my Dad was working and Mom was busy with something my Uncle would take the roll to getting us ready for school or for the day. Recently he had his leg amputated because of diabetes that runs on my Dad's side of the family. What a troope this man is with ALL that he has gone thru he NEVER gave up. Before I had left on my mission his family were not members of the church, but before I returned all of them were baptised and a year later sealed. Despite what has happened to him like my Dad they move on and face life, and what amazes us even more they only have eachother out here. I love you Uncle Saia and soooooo greatful for having you as my Uncle.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple Open House

US<------ Reception area after the tour!!

Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple

Me & Him