Thursday, June 18, 2009

**HaPPy BirthDay Lupeni "LionKing" Iongi**

Poor Lu didn't even get to blow his own b-day candles.

Getting ready to start!!

The INFAMOUS CAKE (made by Oto Tuiaki)

As usual the IONGI's know how to throw a party....we were invited to my sis Silia's husbands surprise B-Day party and boy did we have a BLAST!! Jayy has this thing with calling his lil crew "OUTLAWS" = the "INLAWS" so of course he was determined to be there for Lu!! We'll I mentioned below how he thinks I'm the BEST at everything & anything I do UNTIL he saw the CAKE....boy did he have comopliments for Silia...Jayy is the biggest UTAH JAZZ & BYU fan and boy this cake just made his B-Day suck...ha..ha...he fell in LOVE with the cake. He though he was even more special when Lu gave him part of his sleeve of the jersey....and guess what he did...he brought it to my Dad (cause he LOVES BYU too) hoi..this man cracks me up!! No but shout out to the IONGI's thank you for the GOOD GOOD GRUB, the BEST COMPANY, & of course the best SHOW ever put together the IONGI TRIPLETS reppin that VAINI side for the trip to TONGA ...okay and reppin that TOKOMALOLO side to...LOVE you IONGI's!!

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seriously thanks so much for the support WE LOVE U GUYS u all never let us down!!! Lu said for sure when we get back from Tonga BBQ again!!! We love havin u guys over!!! Love ya Sis and bro Jayy