Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Because the rain" what the.....

Ok the funniest story so if you know my Dad you know how he LOVES his yard. Since I could remember my Dad always tried to keep up with his yard mowing, gardening, watering etc. Since we've moved in with my parents my husband just like he did when we lived on our own always remembers every week to keep up with my Dad's yard. Now if you know Jayy what ever he does he does to the END & to the BEST that he can. So when I say he mowes....that means the weed whacker, the blower, garbage bags are all out. We'll about 2-3 weekends ago (a Friday) I remember Jayy was out mowing, blowing, pulling and using this weed killer spray he had bought, and it had started to rain so he finished up and came in. That night we had attended the Stake Rode Show with my family, and then the following morning Jayy woke up pretty early to finish spraying the weeds out in the yard. We'll guess what......what was once GREEN like a nice RICH GREEN GRASS somehow as the days passed it was now popping up around the lawn as a bright YELLOW. Unfortunately Jayy had assumed the bottle of weed killer he bought was like one he used before. He assumed it to work as the other had where ever he sprayed it would just kill only the weeds not the grass. Anyhow we all left it alone until this past Saturday we went out to breakfast my parents, me, Jayy, Mino and Lu and this was my Dad's story.
Conversation between my Dad & our neighbor.
Neighbor: Hi Tali....
Dad: Hi Admir
Neighbor: What happen to your grass?
Dad: Oh because the rain, it rain to much....
They both start laughing...only Dad would lie for his son-in-law HOI!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I know it's been a minute, but it's been pretty C R A Z Y around here!!

Now I know those (all 3-4) of you that read my blogs know by my past blogs my little outburst with my husband...but duh who doesn't have those moments? If you think you are one of them your a LIAR...ok j/p I'm jealous!!

It's been about 2 weeks that I have been MADLY and I mean MADLY in LOVE with my husband!! Is that a wierd comment or what? We'll not really and I hope to clarify it realy quick. I guess you can just say that sometimes (really the majority of the time) I'm blinded by what this MAN does for me & my family!!

Now I apoligize if this come off as "bragging" but hey maybe us women need to do that a little more about our husbands for ALL the things, words, objects what ever it maybe that we throw at them. Now no excuses but the past 2years and 4 months I've had so many people come up to me and tell me great compliments about my "Baby Jayy" and I found myself lately taking it for granted. One of the earliest "action" that caused a lot of people's attention about my him was the "fanning". A little explanation of that was Jayy knows how hot I get, and when I start sweating boy does it show, so he never failed to "fan" me with WHATEVER he could find, and WHERE EVER we were, if I was walking, or sitting, eating he had that "fan" moving!! Another was his LOVE for my parents...the first day he met my parents he referred to them as Mom & Dad, and let me just say that caught my Dad the "Golden Bear" from the get go!! He is constantly there for me to lean on, he is truly the MAN I have always DREAMED of only MORE then I expected, makes me become the WOMEN that I have always wanted to be. It's funny how mean he may look, or the crazy stories you hear about him, but its true he's the one with the BIGGEST HEART out of his boys!! No shame in showing his affection, no shame in chillen with his wife @ church, family functions, at home with my parents, or cruising with me & my sisters it DON'T matter as long as his QUEEN CHUBBY CHUBBY is happy so is he!! He still gives me "butterflies" when I know I'm going home to him!! I love you Jason Irvin NyDegger my lil explanation does NO JUSTICE in what you do EVERYDAY for me & my FAMILY!! It is an honor to be your wife!!