Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So they say it's my TRADEMARK....

A quick funny post!! I've been told that getting my nails & toes done up are my TRADEMARK!! Funny thing is that is pretty much what everyone does know me by. A lot of people may say its a waste of money, and I could see why they say that espicially at this time BUT to me its important to make sure I don't LOOSE what I love to do for myself because I'm a firm believer once you let yourself go...you really gooooooooo!! Anyhow here are just some random pix's of my nails the styles & color of course are constantly changing. My latest set though which is the TOP picture is my favorite right now. Love my new nail tech she's the BEST & to top it off she speaks ENGLISH, oh yea & she don't try to add her little extra tips on top of what I pay her!! So here's to ALL the nail salons I've walked into for the past 13years & I'm sure till I drop will be when I finally STOP!!

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Mahe Clan said...

Hi ame! I really don't know you, but the hubby knows you and J, I did see you at the dance of few weeks ago! Anyhow just wanted to say I love your NAILS!! Yes girl they be rockin! hahaha nah I use to be the queen at that too but im in the military and can't do it no more! anyhow was goin from blog to blog and came up on yours! Love it! Take care girl and I guess Ill see you around at the dances! :)
leilani mahe