Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter weekend!! I cant help but remember when all 7 of us kids (me & my siblings) would wake up on Easter Sunday to baskets my Mom would fill up with lots of gooooodddies!! Of course her Princess Sam would have the biggest basket!! Anyhow times are different now, but that is something I DO hope to carry out when I have my kids. The simple baskets filled to the top, and the lesson of the GREATEST gift of that The RESSURECTION of our Savior Jesus Christ....priceless!! Nothing better to follow the General Conference of last weekend w/ Easter weekend!! I hope what ever plans you may have with your families it is filled with memories to last for eternity!! And freek hopefully I'll get the hang of this like i do with BEBO to tie up with my friends & family. So if you can help a sister out like my dear sis Silia (Iongi Tribe) I'd really appreciate it!! HAPPY EASTER hope the BUNNY stops by with lots of TREATS & some SUN!!

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