Monday, November 9, 2009

A blessing....

The blessing is this man up here...this is one of the many brothers of my Dad BUT the only one we have had here with us in the U.S. Dad comes a very big family however they all reside back in the homeland or New Zealand. Sad to say this is the only brother I have met on my Dad side & I feel so BLESSED that is was him we had blessing of being with out here. Uncle Saia is the most humblest, quiet LOVABLE mad you would ever meet. I have NEVER EVER heard him speak any ill words towards any one or any thing, NEVER seen him upset or angry!! I can still remember him before he was married & had his 8 beautiful children, he would babysit us kids. Now picture 4 lil girls getting ready for the day & having this man at that time healthy & buff (like my Dad:L) putting our hair in barrettes..or feeding us all 6mouths while my Dad was out working & Mom was busy. Up to NOW he is STILL there for us kids all 16 of us!!

Back in 2001 his family was not members of our faith (LDS) but he made sure he did not miss my farewell. I still remember that day he had all his kids in vala tonga (tongan attire) sitting there listening to me. I remember him coming & giving me an envelope of money yet his family was struggling & I REMEMBER his loving words..."Alu tokanga ki he ngaue, ngaue ke lahi" thats all he said and kissed me...I cried & cried & cried my humble Uncle in his beat up van (at that time) with all his kids in there with him. Proud to say before i returned home from my mission in 2002 they were ALL baptized & HAPPY to report sealed as an eternal family a year later!!

Through out the years he has been right there for each of kids a long with his kids!! I can bet you if you met him in person yourself with in a second you would be able to feel of his LOVE!! A few months ago his leg was amputated (diabetes) and at the time the had told him his kidneys will go down hill from then, and as of Thursday (Nov 5th) it has failed. Right now there is nothing that can be done so he is at home with his family & a nurse that comes and checks on him daily.

I hope the best for him and i don't want him to go BUT I do know when the Lord calls its his time! I'm just grateful for my blessings in my life especially my family & especially this handsome man Uncle Saia we LOVE you & know what ever may come we have the TRUTH....FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!!

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