Friday, October 9, 2009

The plan so far....

It's about 4:53pm so almost time to call it another "work week" done with!! Just want to start something new..rather than put my life on my "black BIG planner" i figure i'll put it down on here on what "the plan so far" is for this weekend, and then we shall see how it ACTUALLY unfolds come Monday Oct. 12, it goes in a nut shell of 5 minutes....
5:00p.m. Jayy picking m up
**Quick stop to visit my MIL & drop of some pictures for hr.
6:00p.m. Home sweet home, rest a bit
7:00p.m. Start the shopping "LADIES NITE"
**This consist of my & my sisters (Mino's kids yippee) and my nieces
9-10:oop.m. a few movies (at the $1.00 show of course) we are interested in.
**Hopefully my midnite we'll be home**
Throw some laundry in.....
Saturday Oct. 10, 2009
8:00a.m. Get ready for ZUMBA (Stretching and all)
9:00a.m. ZUMBA away w/ my sisters
10:45a.m. Off to the nail salon
12:00p.m. hope to be home to rest
1:00p.m. Off to nephew Wyate's football game against EAST!!
4:00p.m. Wedding
7:00p.m. Stake Fireside (Stk Conference)
9:00p.m. Home hopefully
To be continued when i get home........

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carolineluvsulysses said...

man u flippin busy woman! Hey I was gona come say hi at freds wedding but I was soo tired from eating my heart out! then my husband was tryin to rush me out lol good seein u guys tho lookin good as always!