Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Aunty Ruby...my Mom's right hand!!

Aunty Ruby, Me, and Uncel Vili @ Dad's burial.
The BEAUTIFUL white blanket...Aunty Ruby fixing the flowers.

My 2nd Mother...Aunty Ruby

So I've been meaning to blog about this but couldn't load the pictures for some reason, and then i forgot my log in for my blog. ( I know who does that?...me) So the pictures above were from my father in law's funeral @ his burial. With the death of my father in law & being married to the oldest i learned sooooo much, but I wanted to blog about one thing that STOOD out to me the whole time during the services. My APPRECIATION of my FAMILY. When the news came about Dad passing i recieved non-stop calls from my Mom's sisters my Aunty's what I was needing, what they could help with, where i could find certain things for the funeral. But one Aunty in particular was my Aunty Ruby...LOVE this WOMEN.
Growing up we've always been close to this family, now dont get me wrong on my Filimoeatu side we are all very close but this family was different...maybe because my Dad & my Uncle Vili (Aunty Ruby's handsome hubby) are cousins, and they BOTH were eva'ing to my Mom & Aunt pretty much the same time!! I remember being @ the Morturary with Jayy & Mom (Moala) finalizing all Dad's programs when I get a call from my Aunty Ruby...she called to ask me if I knew or had the "tu'uanga" (tongan for his mat or flooring for the casket) for my father in law....besides the other billion things crossing my mind, i knew my mother in law didn't want anything Tongan (mats, fala's etc) I told my Aunt what I had in mind, & what my mother in laws idea were...and waaa laaaa with out hesitation my Aunt told me she was going to make it & to not worry about it. I still remember how i felt...tears came down, and a sigh of relief came over me...in the pix's it shows what my father in law was wrapped with....the BEAUTIFUL WHITE (designed) BLANKET....made by my Aunty. You can't see the deatil in the blanket but boy did i get compliments about it. Just like Dad wanted it....through out the funeral besides making this beautiful blanket with in 2 days, and the other 6-7blankets she made for my hala...not ONE DAY did she miss coming over to help out at the house in the kitchen!! I'm truely greatful for the family I was BLESSED with...espicially for having a HARD WORKING, FUNNY, TALENTED, & BEAUTIFUL Aunt like her...love you Aunty Ruby...we APPRECIATE everything you do for us!!


$$$ said...

Gr8 Blog! Gr8 Post!!! Check THIS too!!!

Brian Misinale said...

Hey Ame thanks! Good blog, and you know all our moms are hard working like that. God bless you and your husbands family.

Pauni's said...

As much as they get on our nerves sometimes, they really do a lot for all of us. I know they are all like that! Lovin' the pics from your FIL funeral. Beautiful!!!

Morena said...

LOVE the blog sis and you know darn well we're here for your family no matter what LOVE YOU MUCH SIS!! and you know my momma loves you all as if y'all were her own:)!!