Monday, October 12, 2009


I need be consistent with what I want to blog..and uh...I didn't get back to the "continue" but I'm gonna learn & keep going!! So this is how the weekend actually went.....

Friday 10/9/2009
5p.m. Off work
6p.m. Made it home FINALLY...dropped off Kia, and the pix to Mom
8p.m. Got ready and out the door with Lu, Ana, & nieces Leslie & Leia Jean
8:30p.m. Dinner @ Five guys (wasn't all that)
9:30p.m. SUGAR HOUSE $$1$$ GI JOE (loved it)
12:30a.m. HOME

Saturday 10/10/2009
6:30a.m. UP & getting ready
7:30 a.m. Rec Center (ZUMBA wrist band)
7:40a.m. Stk. Center (Clean Up)
8:45a.m. Back to the Rec for ZUMBA
9:00a.m. About DIED 10minutes into the workout HOI....
10:00a.m. Called it a workout
10:30a.m. New nail salon HONEY NAILS (they alright)
12:00p.m. Get ready for some football
1:30p.m. HUNTER vs EAST (we lost BUT it's ok the boys did GREAT!!
3:34p.m. Home get ready for the wedding
4:30p.m. WEDDING..very BEAUTIFUL & the food was YYYUUUMMMYYY
8:00p.m. Actually hung out w/ Jayy & his friends (always an INTERESTING night)
11:00p.m. Early night (Stk Conference next day)

Sunday 10/11/2009
Stake Conference & RELAXED!!

That was our it kind of went with what i had in mind!! Now ZUMBA has me feeling the PAIN ....STILL!! Love it!! Thanks sisters & Aunty for the support!!



I'm glad you felt Zumba, cause I felt it and love it, and I'm stuck on it! hahaha sounds like your weekend was quite busy!! Atleast your Sunday was a relaxing one :)

Pauni's said...

You pretty much stuck to your schedule!!! Sis, so glad you made it to Zumba. You definitely gotta check out one of Julie's classes -- she's awesome!! Love ya sis!!!


Yay u made it to ZUMBA!!! it was so fun to have u there heres to many more zumba to come

ps can u please post the pix lol =)