Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our weekend...

So just a lil run down on our weekend...i feel i need to do this so i have somewhat a "rememberance" of what was done.

Friday 10/2/2009: Off @ 5p.m., got home Jayy was ready to go out to dinner w/ his lil brother Seni & wifey Ita. Made a stop to visit Dad at the cemetary where Mom was hanging out & off we went to dinner. KFC <---Jayy's fave. Now I'll have to post about this dinner...E X C I T I N G!!

Saturday 10/3/2009: Had to work @ AMEX got off at 4:30. But hooked up another computer by my desk & watched General Conference...LOVED IT!! Made it home just in time to get Jayy ready for Priesthood session. He was ready by 5:30 and off he went with Dad. I stayed home cleaned, laundry, and visited with my mom & sisters. Jayy came home & shared the messages from Priesthood...very good note taker, and did a good job with listening to all the speakers. His fave besides the Prophet who spoke about "ANGER" was Pres. Urchtdorf.

Sunday 10/4/2009: Watched General Conference ALL DAY & LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!! Ended the nite with a nice dinner, and chilled out nite just me & my Baby JaYy.

This past weekend was the best!! Despite the "gloomyness" the messages at Conference as usual hit HOME, and not just ONE talk stuck out ALL of them had messages that were needed for me starting from the Womens Conference the week before!! Funny cause the whole weekend as usual we get the phone calls or the texts or out of no where visits from Jayy's friends but each time he talked to them it amazed me to see how upfront my husband was with them on letting them know he was watching General Conference. Thankful for my mother in law & father in law in instilling and teaching him when he was a younger BECAUSE they DO REMEMBER!! Grateful for this GOSPEL!!

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what a great spiritual weekend u had!! thanks 4 sharing :) my hubby loved the priesthood conference the most :)