Monday, August 24, 2009

Yet another lesson to be learned!!

So it's been a minute since I've "blogged" yet I'm on here it seems ALL the TIME, I just find myself being to lazy to blog. So much has happened since the last real blog other then the ones I put down today. I think ONE thing that really STANDS out right now for yet another "eye opener" about life, my priorities, my family, and work.

Recently my ward Hunter 13th had there Youth Conference I was only able to attend the "bond fire" & just LOVED being among the young people, but it was the LEADERS that I was appreciative of. Since starting at Jetblue I've had to work Sunday mornng so I haven't been able to attend church as much as I should & boy....was I feeling it!! My cousin Sinai is the YW President, and then my cousins wife Kauata Bloomfield is the 1st counselor & my sister Lupy the 2nd counselor. For the YM President its Vai Lutui & of course his beautiufl wife Saane who covers ALL the duties of a counselor & secretary. These leaders including the BOMB Bishop Soakai have strenghted my testimony in so many ways..espicially that night @ the "bond fire". I came back home to tell my husband how me & him have our priorities messed we don't sacrafice enough time, money, talent, support, be an example for the youth or anything at all with the church. Yet I have WITNESSED time & time again that it is only when I'm lost in the WORK of the LORD that it is then I am TRULY HAPPY & BLESSED!! Thank you Nai for your great example of the type of women, mother, daughter, sister & leader that I hope to become more like!!



aww what a sweet post!! I know it's funny how things hit us at certain times and in the most unknowing places!! I'm glad you learned a lesson, doing something about it is the hard part :) I was crackin up on your Super Mario post!! lol...I love that game too, and it's thee onlee game I'll play! hahaha, and your tv is HUGE! Jealous!! :P
I didn't know Vai was the YM pres! haha He's my 2nd cousin..small world!

Haloti and Sinai said...

Sis...hang in there!!! Girl, life isn't what it always seems. LOL. By that I mean, I had moments like you -- wondering if I really want to be know. But like you said, it's just certain moments being with them that motivate you to keep going. So right now, I am motivated. Motivated to do what I can. We miss you too, but understand with work and all, it's not as easy as one things. Love you tons and hang in there!